Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Fifteen

A fifteen year old Rebecca sat in the "play room" of a mental institute her fourteen year old schizophrenic friend Polly laid on the floor next to her. Rebecca's hair was long, down to her rib cage at least. Polly was much in the same shape. Long hair, stark white clothes, is what consisted of the patients at Briar Ridge Mental Institute for the psychological endangered teens.

Just like schools, there were cliques. Though there were less varying of them, they were still there. There were the only slightly deranged, those who were past saving, and the outcasts.

Rebecca and Polly were among the outcasts. They refused to socialize with any of the other patients other than themselves. But no one minded this too much. Both Rebecca and Polly had criminal records. Each had gotten in here because of violence.

"Rebecca," Polly whispered tugging on Rebecca's white trousers, " they're looking at us."

Turning her head to the side, Rebecca peered at a group of four boys sitting. They stared at the duo with hungry eyes watching their every move. Fear shot up through Rebecca, and concern for Polly. The group of boys were diagnosed with many ranges of psychological aggression, some even potential rapists.

Rebecca looked around quickly for any guards but none were in the room. Evil, crazed looks spread on the boys faces. Slowly they stood up and stalked towards the two girls. Rebecca stood up spreading her hands out, trying to protect Polly.

A cackle sounded from a pale blond boy. "You really think that's going to help?" He asked shaking his hand.

"Go away." She commanded, her voice calm as Polly stood shivering next to her.

The other three let out laughs beginning to circle girls. Tears pricked Polly's eyes as she clung to Rebecca's arm. Polly was especially scared because, the main reason she was a schizo was because she'd been under extreme stress and on top of that when she was thirteen she was raped. Rebecca knew this. Polly had told her that if it ever happened again she would kill herself. She said it made her feel weak, defenseless, and ugly. And Rebecca would NOT let her only friend die.

"So brave!" A black haired boy mocked. "Little Rebecca standing up for her friend."

Suddenly, the two other boys dived for Polly as the black and blond haired boys caught Rebecca. They dragged the girls from the play room to a smaller room. Rebecca struggled relentlessly, yelling, until one of the boys holding Polly took off his shirt and ripped it in two. One part was used to gag Rebecca then Polly.

Polly's clothes were discarded along with the two other boys' who weren't holding Rebecca. Polly began to scream as the boys started to rape her. Even through the gag everyone could here what she was yelling.

"Rebecca! Rebecca help! Rebecca!" She sobbed.

Tears streamed down Rebecca's face as she slumped against the boys. She sobbed helplessly as Polly's useless cries reached her ears.

Hours later, the girls were found locked into the room, tear streaked faces. Polly didn't speak, not one word, but Rebecca told them everything. Who did it and everything that happened. For days the girls were put under tight security to make sure they were ok. Though, once released it was a major mistake.

Rebecca walked quickly to Polly's room to check on her friend. She knocked on the door but got no answer. Sighing, she opened the door. Her mouth fell open and her eyes went wide.


That's what was written all over the walls. Over and over again. Dropping to her knees, Rebecca let out a scream as she saw her friends dead and bloody body on the floor. Nurses came and ushered the wide-eyed Rebecca away as other's took care of Polly.

A nurse sat Rebecca down in the infirmary. "Rebecca are you ok?"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Rebecca screamed, then broke down into a fresh waves of tears.

My eyes shot open as something foreign touched my skin. An unmasked Jack hovering above me, his naked body pressing against mine.

"W-What are you doing?" I asked shakily, scared shit less.

A twisted smile spread across his face. "I'm NOT giving you a chance to say no." He whispered.

I was confused for a moment then felt something stiff and unwanted press against my thigh. My eyes widened as I stared at him with realization. I didn't want to do this. God please no.

"Jack please! Don't do this! Please!" I pleaded tears forming into my eyes.

"Oh come on Leal," He whispered kissing down my neck, "you liked this before."

I let out a strangled sob. I should have never done it with him in the first place. Now, I wished the Joker had killed me. The pain was unbearable and my wounds had reopened. I felt just like Polly had explained she had. Weak, defenseless, and for some reason ugly. I didn't scream. For some reason I just couldn't. I closed my eyes and kept crying.

Finally, what seemed hours later, Jack fell off me breathing heavily. I shot up, taking the bed sheet with me and ran from the room, still crying. Tears blinded me to where I could barely see where I was going. My body hit a wall and I didn't even bother to get up as I slumped against the wall.

Two arm wrapped around me pulling me upwards. I was expecting brown hair and light brown eyes but was met by fading green hair and dark eyes. A fresh wave of tears took over me as I met his curious eyes. I could tell he was shocked but I didn't care. I just needed someone to cry on. Even if it was someone as crazy as him. I needed him. Inside was glad it was him. So inexplicitly and strangely happy it had been him. I slid my hands under his coat and wrapped them behind him pulling me closer into his surprisingly comforting grip.

"Polly was right!" I sobbed into his chest. "I feel ugly! I'm weak!"

"No your not." He whispered back, stroking my head.

Lifting up my head I stared at him. Through the make-up and sadistic eyes I caught a glimpse him. Not the Joker, but the man beneath him. The real man. And now I know, I love that man.
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Now you know why she doesn't like people to call her Rebecca. Hope you enjoyed it.