Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Sixteen

[[Third Person POV]]

The Joker finished the final stitching on Rebecca's side. This was the second time he had to fix her up. He looked expecting her to say something witty in remark but she sat still on his bed looking ahead. Her eyes were slowly going down then snapping back open. The Joker turned his head curiously, still wondering why he found her sobbing in the halls. It had shocked him if anything. Now she looked dead in a way. As he looked at her anger was beginning to rise in him. He was angry with her that she was acting like this. He hated.

"What's wrong with you?" He grunted irritably.

Rebecca flinched and turned away from him slightly, not willing to answer.

Slapping her, he quickly grabbed her shoulders, as she was still clad in a bed sheet, and shook her shoulders. "Answer me!" He roared.

Rebecca began to struggle from him. "Let me go! Let me go! I'm not going to tell you!" She screamed trying to pull away.

"Why the hell not!" He demanded shaking her roughly again.

She lowered her head her short hair barely able to cover her eyes. "Because," She whispered her head sinking deeper, "you'll hate me Boss. Your going to think I'm dumb."

The Joker rolled his eyes, smacking his lips slightly in annoyance. "Look I don't care! Just tell me!" He said as calmly as he could in his enraged state. All he wanted was to know, he didn't care what it was he just wanted to know.

Sucking in a breath she told him. "Jack, he…erm…he raped me." She whispered ripping away from the Joker and curling up into a ball, feeling nothing but shame.

Ok, maybe he did care.

"What!?" He screeched his eyes going wide.

Rebecca buried her face in her hands. "I'm sorry! I couldn't protect Polly and I couldn't protect myself! Why don't you just fucking kill me?" She cried slamming her fist onto the bed.

Grabbing her arm, the Joker pulled out of the room grabbing his gun on the way. Anger raged through him as he searched for Jack's room. Rebecca held her head down knowing he was going to kill her and put her out of her misery. Finally finding Jack's room, he kicked it open startling the half dressed Jack. He quickly pulled on his mask.

"Yes Boss?"

The Joker stuffed his gun into his belt and sauntered over him. "I don't know if YOU know, but I'm a very jealous man. And her," He said pointing to Rebecca, "she's mine. I don't really care what she did to 'provoke' you as you might defend. You touched her, and she is mine. So as you can imagine, I'm angry." He said light heartedly pulling out his gun and waving it about nonchalantly. "So can you guess I've got to take some action. And believe me, I will, I'm a man of my word." He began his voice becoming deep before letting out a cackle.

"Your crazy!" Jack shrieked pressing himself against the wall.

"Well 'ya know," The Joker said walking up to Jack sticking the gun under his chin, "that's not really my fault. You think I did this to myself? DO YOU!" he screamed pressing the gun against Jack's throat. Rebecca stood wide-eyed and awed at the scene, the bed sheet clinging to her. The Joker was defending her, for some reason or another, but he was defending her. "No, I didn't. Because you know what they say: "Two Hearts To Make A Maniac"." He grinned.

Rebecca nearly choked as he said that. How did he know that? Crane was the only one who ever said that. Did he hear if from the Joker? Or did the Joker hear it from Crane?

A loud bang filled the air and Jack's lifeless body. The Joker turned around his expression light and smiling. "Well that was fun." He grinned and looked around the room and began to pick up Rebecca's clothes. Once he had them all together he walked towards Rebecca and pulled at her bed sheet.

Immediately she let out a shriek and pulled away from him, her eyes wide.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He cooed calmly tugging the blanket away again. Rebecca let him, and took her clothes from him and put them on occasionally getting his help. Minutes later she was dressed and savoring his closeness.

Suddenly Harley and Skeeter burst into the room. They held their guns ready then lowered them seeing Jack's dead body on the ground. Skeeter shrugged and left the room. Though, Harley stayed in place staring at the Joker and Rebecca. Their bodies close, Joker's hand laying ever so slightly on her waist, lovingly.

Rebecca did not see the raging jealousy that flamed in Harley's eyes. She hated how she barely did anything yet the Joker was kind towards her. Harley did everything for him! It wasn't fair, and she was going to do something about it.

[[Abandoned Factory in East Gotham owned by Wayne Corporations]]

Bruce Wayne sat at the computer looking over the pictures of the Joker. The young billionaire ran a hand through his hair, aggravated. There was no catch, no plan, no nothing that he could figure out about the Joker.

"Having any luck?" Alfred asked, his English accent evident, coming up behind him, food in hand.

"No." Bruce grunted running a hand over his face. "I can't find anything about him. No finger prints, just nothing. I just don't understand, I can't tell who he's really working for because he just goes and shoots who he's usually with. He doesn't give a shit about anyone, he doesn't seem to have a weakness." He groaned.

"What about that girl from the party?" Alfred suggested putting down his employer's food.

"What girl?" Bruce asked confused picking up a muffin.

"That girl from the party. You know, the one jumped you when you tried to go for him?" Alfred continued.

"Yeah, what about her?"

"After you jumped after stabbed her in the side and jumped after Rachel the Joker ran. Unlike most of the times when he just leaves the injured, he picked her up and ran. I'd be looking after the girl." Alfred commented walking away.

Bruce narrowed his eyes and began typing into his computer. Pictures captured from his previous party popped up. He quickly flitted through the pictures. Finally he found a few of her pictures. She had shoulder length auburn hair and dark green eyes. The Joker might be able to get away but she wont. Checking the police database, and also the asylum's, he looked for any picture's of her. Though he actually found data of her in the new paper. Several newspapers explained her situation. Her doctor, Dr. Crane, was found dead in her apartment and she had disappeared. She was also seen in the tape the Joker had made.

The girl was sent to a mental institute when she was younger and traumatized by a friends suicide. He needed to get to this girl and find out anything she knew about the Joker, he obviously had something for her.
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