Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Two

I loved the lake, I didn't know it's name so it was just 'the lake'. Once something crazy happened here I'd name it after that. There really wasn't anything interesting about it, in reality. It was a circular, murky water, man-made lake. But it was still wonderful. I come here almost every day. In the morning I meditate if you could call it that. I just sit there and concentrate on my heart beat for a good hour. I've never told people what I do at the lake but I'd assume they'd be amazed I could concentrate on my heart beat for that long. But it was really easy for me, though I am a psycho. When I come here at night(which it was now, the time does pass quite quickly) I just sit and think over the days events.

Dr. Crane was a complete ass. I really wouldn't give one shit if he dropped dead. No, actually I would care. The reason because I didn't get to strangle his hidden agenda ass. I think it's ironic that he's a psychiatrist because he's a nutcase. And I love it. The dude uses gases and pills to mess up the patients that actually stay at the asylum. I've got one lucky ass because I don't stay there. I would have to see him on Wednesday. Today's what? Sunday? I get three sessions a week. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've always wondered why I have one on Sunday and not Monday, but hey! Crane's a crazy cracker, it doesn't matter.

I couldn't stop thinking about the man in the alley. He's not a dude or any other slang for the male species. He was a man. He treated me like a kid, like he was playing with a little child and he's an old man with a bent dick. I've started to like and dislike him at the same time. But anyway I've also started calling him Gramps. Though I'm not really sure why I've given him a name. He's still creepy.


What the fuck was that!?

The crazy teens had started their party with fireworks? That is stupid! You do fire works at the end of parties. Dumb asses. They should drop dead. I hate them. They're all stupid and think they're cool, in reality they're mommies just didn't hug them enough. Everyone needs to face reality. I have, I'm pretty good too. But not them. They'll get high, drunk, and probably end up with either STD's or a baby in the morning. I hated them and they hated me.

"Hey dyke!" Wow original. "Get off the lake were having a party!" One annoying teen shouted at me.

You know what I did? I staid on the dock swinging my legs back and forth looking out on the lake. There wasn't any use speaking to them. They'd just make some lame comeback and I'd end up breaking their arm. It's been a really long time since I've gotten in a fight(excluding the little tussle with Crane).

Soft footsteps came from behind me before two arms wrapped around my waist. "Hey hon. What are you doing here all alone? Where's your parents?" They cooed.

I felt disgusted. This person was touching me. Not just the brief brush but close enough that I could bite them. No one gets this close to me. "Get off me!" I knew what to do next, it was planned out. I grabbed their arm, slid to the right, got behind them, pulled their arm behind them, then shoved them to the ground. Soon the dickhead was squealing like a pig for someone to get me off him. He was so weak. More footsteps. Crap. More pigs to come and get me. Swimming time! It took me a matter of two seconds to jump into the lake. It took one second for something to jump in on me knocking all my air out and letting the water rush in. Something dragged me out of the water. I lay on the sand, heaving out all the water that found its way to my lungs. My heart went into over time trying to get me back to normal. God my lungs hurt.

"You really shouldn't have done that." A girls voice hissed into my ear. I wasn't scared. I was beyond pissed.

Two extremely strong hands grabbed mine and held them behind my back. Great. Just fucking great. I was fast not/b] strong. I felt myself being lifted up, I couldn't really tell, I was in La-La Land. Sand stuck to my feet as I was dragged further from the shore line. Suddenly I was thrust onto the ground. The teens gathered around, I felt like a freak on display.

"Well! It looks like we've got some entertainment tonight!" One of the boys laughed causing more laughs to come like a chain reaction. This wasn't good. The big steroid-pumped boy turned to me, smirking. I hated the way he did it made me even more angrier. He sauntered forwards but I still held my flaming glare. Then something unexpected happened. His fist flew at my face. I don't know if it was the shock or if I was still disorientated but I took it. The sand flew into my eyes as I landed roughly on the ground holding my chin. The group of teens laughed again. I was going to kill them, I was going to fucking kill them all.

I took my beating, every time I tried to get up I'd get punched or kicked again. It hurt, it hurt like hell but I was still angry. For a moment my beating seemed to subside and that gave me a chance.

Bolting up I ran towards the boy who had inflicted the bruises that decorated my body. I flung my self at him scratching, biting, and tearing at his skin. He fell to the ground on his back, me on top punching, screaming, and crying in anger. The group must have been too shocked or thought he could take care of himself for they didn't interfere. I was flipped over by the boy. He straddled me, smirking triumphantly down at me. I bucked. I screamed. I cried, I was just so mad. Yet I couldn't do one single thing except just wait for him to do something next.

"She really is funny isn't she?" He asked to the group and they cackled in return. His lips attached to my neck, sucking and biting roughly. Tears continued to stain my face though some of them not just anger anymore. "Oh don't cry. It'll be fun." He whispered huskily into my ear licking away the tears. He was disgusting, utterly disgusting.


The boy jumped off me as the gunshots sounded. With his body gone I curled up and punched the ground. Saying I was upset was just an understatement. "Why lookie here!" A hauntingly familiar male voice squealed. I heard several other laughs, not familiar but just as creepy. "Well since your first act is over lets start the second!" The man cackled. More gunshots. Screaming. Bodies falling to the ground.

I lifted my body, hiccupping slightly. I saw all the teens bodies scattering the now bloody sand. The boy shook with fear as one of the last teens was shot down. Directly in the head. It was a girl, she fell to the ground her bleached hair becoming scarlet. She disserved it.

There were four of them. Four killers. Three in black, one in purple. Three with clown masks, one with a painted face. And I stood there between them and the boy. I had my hand wrapped around my stomach. My body felt lopsided. I expected to be shot down but none of their guns were pointed towards me but past me at the boy. They were going to kill him. No. No they weren't.

Sprinting forwards I grabbed a gun. I don't know who I grabbed it from and I didn't give one shit. Spinning around I pointed the loaded gun at the boy. He stood there still shaking with fear.

I was going to kill him.

"Please!" He stuttered holding up his hands. "I'm sorry!" He yelped.

I stood there for a moment torn between killing him or not. There was nothing to keep me from killing him. No body would know, they would just think it was the clowns not me. A gloved hand slithered onto my shoulder. "Fire at will." The familiar voice ordered. And I did. Ten bullets. Twenty. Then thirty. Finally he hit the ground after I ceased fire. He was dead. But I was still crying. I wasn't done. Dropping the gun I ran over to him and picked him up. His eyes were wide and lifeless, I didn't care. I did exactly what he did to me. Punch for punch and kick for kick. If that bastard wasn't dead he be dead now.

My body felt so weak. I dropped to my knees by the body. The rest of my body dropped leaving all the weight on my hands and knees. I didn't spend much time in that position before something lifted me up. Gloved hands clutched my arms tightly to keep me from falling down. I stared into the face of the lead killer. His hair a faded green and his eyes brown. His lips were painted red and made to look longer then they were as the sides swept towards his ears. Black circles covered his eyes and contrasted with his white painted face. He smiled at me his eyes bright with sadistic happiness.

"Looks like you’re the crazed killer!" He laughed. I know who he is!

A faint smile crossed my lips. "Hey Gramps." I croaked weakly, my voice hoarse from my screaming. "I could say the same for you. If your not going to kill me at the moment could you set me down. I'm tired and I think I'll just wait for the police to come. Then I'll tell them what happened and said some amazingly powerful killer came by and shot everyone else and he just missed me."

I slumped to the ground as Gramps let go of me. Releasing a small grunt I stared up at him. He bent down, smirking, a crazy and sadistic tint to it. "No, I didn't miss. I let you live." Then he walked out of my peripheral vision his goons fallowing suit. "Tell all your friends!" He cackled before I heard the screech of tires zooming off.

Soon the police would be coming. They'd be horrified staring at least a dozen or so bloody bodies that decorated the lakes shore. Paramedics would arrive to check all the bodies for survivors. Then once they find me they'd cry out saying they found a live one. I'd go into questioning. 'Who was it?' 'Did you see their faces?' 'How many were there?', those would be the questions. But I'd still be back in my memories. Reliving every single moment that happened back on the lake. How the teens were murdered. They got what they dissevered. They died young, murdered on the shore of a lake. I've decided to name it now. I think I'll name it Scarlet Waters Lake. Not fancy but it goes with its legacy.
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