Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Twenty-One

[[Rebecca's POV]]

I didn't believe it, I couldn't!

As Harvey Dent walked past the cells, smiling and talking to Rachel Dawes, it didn't seem real. The whole station had been buzzing around with news that Harvey Dent was Batman. He had announced it earlier today at a press conference. I had heard it from my cell. People kept shouting 'No more dead cops!'. Even if Dent is Batman, the Jokers not going to stop killing people. Sure, the mob will have their problems gone, but he can find a way to manipulate them all. I can remember how cocky Dent was as he walked past me, and all I did was laugh at him. It was hilarious he though he was winning. The games not over.

All the criminals were walking around, as if nervous. It made me think about a pack of wolves or something.

"Are you the Joker's girlfriend?" One asked.

"Fuck off, I'm thinking." And in this pack of wolves I felt like an Alpha.

All of them were moping. Sitting against the walls, or on the benches. They looked so pathetic. Most of them stayed away from me, giving me side way glances. I hated being here. I wanted so badly to be out there helping the Joker. My body was practically aching to be out there. I could practically here his laughter through the walls.

[[With the Joker]]

The Joker stood in the middle of the road as the Batman zoomed towards him. He held his gun tightly, shooting at anything that got in his way. "Come on. Hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me. Come on 'ya filthy bastard. Hit me, hit me. HIT ME!" He barked as Batman came closer. Just as he was about to hit the Joker, the Batman swerved to the right missing him, and slamming his bike into the over turned truck.

One of his minions tried to take off Batman's mask but instead got a jolt of electricity sent through him. Cackling, the Joker jumped over Batman and kicked his henchmen in the stomach imitating the shock. Rolling his eyes he turned to the Batman and sat down on his stomach.

"Let's see that pretty face of yours." He chuckled taking out his knife.

Suddenly, something jabbed the back of his head, and it clicked as well. A gun, of course "Put the knife down." The person holding the gun ordered.

"Can you just give me on little minute-"

The gun slammed into his face, making him topple over. Laughing, the Joker looked up to see Gordon towering over him. "Why hello Lieutenant!" He laughed.

Armed police officers circled around him. Two stepped forward yanking him up and putting cuffs on him. As he was thrown into the police car, he couldn't help but smile. The Joker's plan was going perfectly. Sure, he wasn't able to see who the real Batman was, but he sure as hell knew it wasn't Dent. And when he gets to the station, he'll be able to see Ebby.

[[Police Station]]

I pressed myself against the cell's bars listening to the officers babble. They were saying they caught the Joker. My heart surged with panic, but then I calmed down. He would never get caught unless it was on purpose. But the police didn't know that.

"Looks like your boss isn't as smart as you think he is." The angry cop taunted.

I waved him off and slid down to the ground, waiting. And after waiting, I got what I wanted.

Hoots and hollers sounded as a new prisoner came down the halls. I stood up, smirking, as two policemen brought in the Joker. He was grinning and his paint was fading. They stripped him of his purple coat, and threw him into the cell I was occupying. How nice.

The Joker stood up and brushed himself off, still grinning. He came over, and sat on the bench chained to the walls. "So, how's your time in this lovely facility?" He asked casually.

I let out a howl of laughter, holding my gut then abruptly stopped. "Fuck no. I hate this place. That fat cops is getting on my damn nerves. When you break out of this place you need to freaking slit his damn throat. Oh, and he doesn't really care for it when you talk about his little dead cop friends." I grunted pulling my knees to my chest.

Personally, I was not sure how to act around him. Sure, he's a crazy maniac but I still love him. It felt strange as I look at him now, but then again I really am in love with man behind the mask, or paint. I hated this, I felt like I was thirteen again, my hormones were raging and I was looking for love.

We sat in silence for a few moments before I yanked his face down to mine by his collar. "You kill Harley?" I asked angrily.

His hot breath hit my skin, leaving it tingling. "Or course." I didn't even have to look at him to know he was grinning. Again, hormone raging thirteen year old girl.

Suddenly all the popo started clapping and I let go of the Joker. I was utterly confused, then I saw Lieutenant Gordon coming waltzing in with Mayor Garcia.

Garcia patted Gordon on the back grinning. "Good job Commissioner Gordon." Gordon looked shocked as he stared at Garcia. Retard. "And you don't have any say on it." Garcia ginned.

The cops started clapping again. I had to hold in a laugh as the Joker began to clap. Once they noticed he was clapping they stopped and stared at him.

"What? Your acting like someone took your donuts away, Commish." I laughed.

Gordon shook his head looking at me sadly. "You were a good kid Rebecca." He sighed.

"Don't you fucking call me that!" I screamed jumping up and getting ready to tear down the bars.

Something slithered around my torso and yanking me back. All of the cops yanked out their guns and pointing at me, and the person behind me. "Sorry, my things always seem to get away from me." The Joker cackled, pulling me back. One of his hands traced down my spine making my body shiver in delight. I couldn't help it, everything he did felt so damn good.
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