Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Twenty-Three

I leaned impatiently against the mirror, staring at the cop in front of me. He had his arms crossed and stared right back. Joker and the other cop haven't spoken much either, thought they were now.

"I want my phone call." The Joker piped up, getting a strange look from the cop.

"Yeah, sure." The cop chuckled.

"How many of you friends have I killed." He asked nonchalantly. I turned around to see the conversation, but the cop stayed quite. "You wanna know why I use knives?" He asked grinning. "It's because, guns are too quick. You can't savor all the little emotions." He explained smacking his lips. "You know people their last moments…" He pursed his lips together.

The cop shook his head. "Look, I've been on the force for twenty years. I know the difference between a real freak and a punk who just needs to be taught a lesson." He began rolling up his sleeves. "And you've killed six." The Joker mouthed six bulging his eyes. "Now, I'm going to try to enjoy this more than you are." The cop laughed striding towards him.

Seeing the opportune moment, I jumped and slipped the cuffs in front of me. Charging at the cop, I put the chain around his neck, twisting his neck quickly. Once the body dropped I ran over to the control panel by the mirror. Seeing the speaker button I slammed it down. "Letta rip!" I hollered into it.

The Joker jumped up and bowled into the cop punching him in the stomach. As Joker wailed on the cop I searched for the key to my cuffs. It only took a moment for me to find them. I thought it was completely stupid they had left the Joker's affects by the interrogation room. Grabbing a few of his knives I ran back quietly.

I swear it was ridiculous how much damage the Joker was doing. Yanking the interrogation door open, I smirked. "Hey, got a little present!" I called the Joker whipped around, standing over the cop. Laughing, I tossed him a knife.

"Come on, lets go say hello to your friends that are still alive." The Joker cackled sticking the knife under the cops chin.

I took the cops gun giggling. "See, maybe if you'd been nicer I'd let you live after this but no. I'm going to kill you and blow your balls off." I grinned up at the Joker as he did the same back at me.

We walked carefully into the station. All the police officers were lounging, well until they saw us.

"Put him down!" One cop screamed.

The Joker tightened his grip on the knife and I pressed the gun to his head.

"Shoot him!" The cop gasped straining from the knife.

One of the cops stepped forwards but the Joker pressed the knife further, breaking skin and making the cop bleed.

"Fine! Fine! What do you want?" The other cried lowering his gun.

"I just want my phone call." Joker sighed, exasperated. I shook my head, chuckling.

A cop pulled out a cell phone and tossed it to him. The Joker shoved the cop over to me and I wrapped my arms around him pressing the barrel to his skull. For the next few moments the air was silent except for the Joker tapping on the phone. Soon, a ringing started. All the cops began to look at each other warily. Then…


Paper flew everywhere, the cops were on the ground, but the Joker and I were still standing. I laughed and dropped the angry cop to the ground. Aiming the gun I shot him several times in the genitals, making him scream bloody murder. I let out a squeal of laughter before shooting him in the head.

Dropping the gun, I looked up at the Joker.

He was looking down at me, emotions swirling in his dark eyes. I couldn’t speak as I looked at him, only open and close my mouth. Without notice, he grabbed my arm then dragged me further into a station. Soon, we were standing before a cell, a Mr. Lau in the cell.

"Hello there." Joker cackled.

[[At the Joker's]]

After setting off the bomb and capturing Lau, the Joker drove us back to the hideout and tossed Lau in some room. I didn't even get to think much as he dragged me back to his room. So called "butterflies" rose in my stomach.

Throwing me inside the room, the Joker closed the door then practically pounced on me. I let out a moan as he sucked all along my neck. He carelessly started ripping off my clothing. As he tore off my shirt I yanked his face towards mine, smashing our lips together. Our teeth clacked together as his tongue was forced into my mouth. I couldn't help but let out another moan as he bit onto my tongue. He smirked and moved his face away from mine.

"You’re a lot more eager than I thought you'd be." He whispered deeply, a grin plastered on his face.

"Shut up," I said breathlessly then tugged at his shirt, "off now." I commanded.

Joker picked me up then slammed my body into the wall behind me. "Remember, your mine." He grunted tearing off his own clothes, exposing his surprisingly tan skin.

Finally, after our all clothes were flung to the floor. We loved. We did not fuck, no that was for one night stands and shit like that. What we did was make love. Yes, it was unlikely for me to call it that, but I did. It didn't feel like something dirty or anything it felt right in every way. It felt like the kiss. All of it was perfect. But even as we laid there, underneath his oddly colored sheets I had to ask him something.

"Are you really insane?" I asked, my head resting on his chest, looking up slightly at his paint smeared face.

His face turned thoughtful as his hand raked through my hair. "I'm only as insane as the world allows me." He answered.
♠ ♠ ♠
Ok well, there 'ya go! I had to put something mushy in there because I'm a little tard like that. Again, more spoilers, but this is based on a movie so it will have spoilers for those who have yet to see it. Hope you enjoyed it.