Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Four

It's Wednesday already. Monday and Tuesday went by amazingly fast seeing as I did very few things. I had to go to the grocery store and I must say it was a different experience from the normal. Every damned person in the whole store stared at me as if I was the living dead. But I guess it's because The Joker robbed a bank on Monday. Suddenly his little onslaught and the robbery splashed onto the papers. Now, I barely ever look at the paper because most of it dumb gossip babble. But as I was on my way to the store on Tuesday and I saw the headline of a newspaper very amusing.

The Joking Massacre

But, as I read on I wasn't particularly pleased.

"-The only living witness of the murders, a Rebecca Leal, was interviewed the day after the event. Sources say she took the whole thing lightly as if it wasn't a big deal. Though considering the circumstances it was to be expected. Ms. Leal is a frequent visitor to Dr. Jonathan Crane for psychological reasons-'

Right about there I stopped reading, mad as fucking hell. But oh-no I didn't throw away that "lovely" paper I kept it and intended to ask my "lovely" doctor exactly how that shit got in the paper. I wasn't exactly happy they were telling people about my little problem. To put it plainly I'm going to beat Crane's crazy butt until I feel a little less angry. It will probably take up our entire session. I'm almost there so it'd begin soon.

As soon as I locked my bike to the bike rack that was by the asylum, I went it. Part of me always thought it strange that I went to the asylum to do this but this is were Crane works so I've got no other choice. Since I was just a tad bit upset I decided to pick on the lady at the front desk. "Hey cankle legs! Seen the papers lately? Got my crazy ass in the paper, ain't that just peachy? But they been saying I'm a bit off, you don't think I'm co-co do 'ya cankle legs?" I asked leaning on her desk sticking out lip.

"Fuck off." She growled beginning to type at her computer.

"Aw, love 'ya too." I began to walk towards the elevator and as it came down I shouted back to her: "Knew ya' been feeling the same way! I saw you eyeing me! But remember hon I'm not just a piece of ass that walks!" I heard her groan loudly as I stepped into the elevator. The whole four floors I giggled proud that I'd hit a nerve. But! As I walked towards Crane's door I remembered my mission to beat his sorry ass. "Oh Lucy I'm home!" I called kicking the door open. I've decided to go on the kooky side a little more. Crane and another man looked at me quite annoyed as I sauntered in. "Oh, I'm sorry did I interrupt something? Well excuse my- just go ahead and fucking leave I've got to talk to crackers over there." I dropped the peppy voice façade and revealed my more agitated side. The man glanced at Crane as he in return waved him off. As he got up and walked past me I chomped my teeth together smirking. "Rawr." Raising his lip in disgust he finally left. Thank FUCKING God.

Crane sat at his desk, hands laced together, staring blankly at me. "Wednesday already?" He asked his blank face turning into a smirk.

"Yeah, now I'd like to discuss something." I began sitting down in front of Crane's desk. "Today…I'd like to talk about that FUCK in the paper about! How the hell do they know about me? Why did you give them that shit on me! I didn't even read all the damn article and I was already eager to rip you apart!" Yelling I slapping down the paper on his desk.

Crane took the paper in his hands and briefly scanned over the paper. His smirk grew further as he read further and soon he was practically giggling. "Looks like you got yourself famous Reb-" I glared at him before he could finish my first name, "Leal."

"Oh," I started examining my nails carefully, "your not interested in The Joker?" I asked watching for his reaction.

His face grew grim. "You didn't even really talk to him." He snapped tossing the paper aside.

"Actually, I've talked to him twice in person and he did leave me a little note after returning my bike. But I don't think you'd like to see it." Pulling out the slip of paper I fanned myself with it.

I'm obviously loosing my edge because I barely even reacted when Crane shot up and grabbed my throat. He brought my face towards his. "Now listen here you little bitch. Your going to tell me every little detail about the conversation you had with the Joker." He snarled gripping my throat tighter.

"And if I don't?" I croaked coughing in the process.

"Then I'll get to test some of my new pills on you. Doesn't that sound great?" He cackled tightening his grip on my throat.

Now, if there was one thing in the world I feared it was Crane's little pills and injections. One those things were in your systems it would be amazing if you came through and there wasn't shit in you pants. I could say it with pride that I was afraid of them just like every other psycho in this asylum. "Fine." I grumbled.

Crane let go of my throat grinning. I flopped back in the chair, angry as hell. For the next half-hour we reviewed the two conversations I had with the Joker. He assessed every single detail I could remember. The Joker's posture, tone of voice, and choice of words. I swear doing that drove me closer to insanity.

"Where's the note he gave you?" Crane ordered. God I hate this dick head. Digging into my back pocket I retrieved my wallet and took out the note, leaving the card inside. He examined the two short sentences for at least five minutes. Five whole damn minutes! He's stupid. He needs to go fall in a ditch. "Why is there a tear here? At the bottom of the page?"

He pointed towards the slightly torn area of paper where the playing card had once been taped down. "He taped his card in there." I muttered getting out the playing card already knowing he'd want to see it. Crane snatched it away eagerly. "Can I fucking go yet! I haven't spent this long of a time kooked up in this hellhole you call your office for this long in ages." I groaned pulling a hand through my hair.

"No." He grunted back.

"Wha-WHY IN HELL NOT!" I screeched jumping up, getting ready to strangle the man in front or me.

"Let me explain," Crane started his voice gradually getting louder. "your not going anywhere with out ME!" He roared back slamming the note and card on the table. And they say I have a temper. "He's going to be watching your every move! I'm not losing a chance to get to him. So everywhere you go, so shall I!"

Very slowly I let the new in formation sink in. So…Crane is going to be going where I go. Grocery store. Bank. And my apartment. "No. No fucking way in hell. Not going to happen! I already waste an hour three days a week with you. If you want to meet The Joker so bad why don't you just send him a fucking letter!" I growled back then quickly turned heal.

Hm, angry Crane, angry Me, then angry Me leaving…better high-tail my ass out of here.

Crane chased after me as I practically flew down the halls to the elevator. As I slammed myself against the elevator door I pressed the down button rapidly. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" Crane was coming close, I could hear his rhythmic footsteps speeding towards my current position. The elevator rang and I jumped inside without hesitation. I swear I was close to breaking the 'close door' button. Crane just came around the corner as the elevator doors closed together. "Thank you whoever the hell runs my destiny." I sighed slumping against stale white walls of the elevator. The four floors were practically murder but the second the doors open I bolted forward not daring to take the chance that Crane could catch up.

As I got outside I cursed, not mentally cursed that's for suckers, it now seemed extremely dumb to lock up my bike. Once unlocked, I jumped onto Niveus and began pedaling through the cars. They honked angrily and I just flipped them the bird. They didn't have a crazed doctor chasing after them, I, fucking did!

I must say, my mediocre apartment never looked so beautiful as it did when I rode up to it. Even as I carried my bike up the stairs I smiled. It was strange for me to feel oddly at peace while I came towards my door. Usually I'm tense, but I am still on edge a bit. My fingers only had to touch the door knob for it to come swinging open and the music to spill out.

"So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.
They say freak…
When your singled out"

"Can, I help you?"
♠ ♠ ♠
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