Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Seven

"Rebecca! Look what you've done! Go to your room! I don't want to see your face for the rest of the night!" Mrs. Leal screeched at her six year old daughter.

Rebecca stood shocked, as her mother gathered the pieces of a shattered vase. "But Mama it was an accident! I'm sorry!" She pleaded tugging at her mothers skirt. Mrs. Leal kept her eyes evaded from her daughter as she continued to pick up the glass. "Please Mama! Look at me!" Rebecca cried, tears streaming from her eyes, her small face becoming red.

"Robert!" Mrs. Leal roared for her husband. "Come get Rebecca and put her in her room!"

Mr. Leal strode into the living room looking at his wife and child before scooping Rebecca up. The young girl cried stretching out her hands for her mother. Mr. Leal took no notice of his daughter's hysterics as he tossed her into her room, locking the door from the outside.

Rebecca jumped and ran to the door. Her small fists pounded onto the door crying to be let out. After what seemed hours to the little girl the door finally opened ever so slightly.

"God!" Her ten year old brother Keith hissed. "Rebecca shut up! We're trying to have dinner!" Keith scolded her closing the door before she could say a single thing. Rebecca slumped to the ground her eyes wide and red.

Slowly she got up and went to her bed. Crestfallen and hungry she went to sleep occasionally breaking into a fresh wave of tears.

"Wakey wakey!" Someone called shaking my shoulders.

Groaning, I swatted the person away curling into the soft mattress. My neck ached unbearably and I lifted my hand to it touching it gently.

"I said wake up!" My eyes snapped open just in time to see the Joker's fist come in contact with my face.

"Christ!" I held my cheek while staring up at the purple and green clothed man. "What the hell was that for!" I screeched sitting up on the bed.

His ruby grin stretched across his face, the predatory glint reappearing. He hopped onto the bed I was laying on, his knife ready at his side. Slowly his smile disappeared and his eyes narrowed. He took a step forwards making me scoot away, towards the edge of the bed. My breath sped up and my heart began to pump faster. I gripped the sheets as the Jokers face came within an inch of mine. "Your afraid." He said simply towering over me. Swiftly crouching down he waved the knife in front of my face. "I like that."

My face fell at his words. "I'm not afraid!" I growled thumping the bed with my fist. The only thing that freaked me out were those fear pills Crane had. Well now he's dead so it doesn't matter. I don't fear anything.

Throwing his head back the Joker let out a howl of laughter. He fell back holding his stomach. His scars widened as he continued to laugh. I wasn't going to stick around here and watch him laugh at me. Shoving off the bed I headed for the door my fists gripped together. My hand couldn't even touch the knob before I was thrown against the wall. Once again the Joker twirled his knife in front of my face. He licked his lower lip his face not giving any information. "You see, this is my game. You play by my rules. My game, not yours. I've got big plans for this city." As he spoke his knife running down my cheek as his other hand pressed hard against my shoulder. "So for this to go smoothly you…DO WHAT I SAY!" The Joker bellowed slicing deep into my cheek. I couldn't help but whimper as he dug his gloved fingers pressed against the cut. "And I don't want anymore trouble." He instructed wagging a finger at me.

My eyes flickered from his face then around the room. Blinking slowly I looked back at him. "Fine." I grunted lowering my head.

The Joker gloved hand fell from my cheek then began to tap on my neck. His fingers trailed down to my shoulder before snapping to my chin. "Good girl." He whispered a smile cracking on his face. For a moment I thought I was free, but I was wrong, of course. Letting go of my chin he grabbed my arm and began to drag me from the room. You wouldn't think with his hunched over posture that the Joker would be strong, because to be frank he looks like an old man, but he's strong. Strong enough that I'll probably have damn bruises tomorrow from yanking me around. He didn't say a single thing as he dragged me around…where ever this was. The walls were green and purple everywhere, matching the Joker's attire. Looking back at my psychotic boss I noticed he wasn't wearing his normal purple coat. His purple pants and shirt along with the green vest and tie remained though.

Kicking open a door to our left, snapping me from my thoughts, the Joker shouted for Harley. Immediately Harley popped up smiling. "Yes puddin'?" She asked her smile filled with adoration and love.

"Take her." He ordered shoving me into Harley. I've never felt much like a rag doll but I guess since everything's changing that has too. Without saying anything else, or even a crazed smile he left.

"Isn't he wonderful?" Harley sighed hoisting me up and closing the door the Joker had kicked open.

It's clear now. Harley is more insane than any of these people here. She's in love with the Joker. Is that why she's here? Just because she loves him? Harley doesn't seem likely to kill anyone, she's too sweet.

Leading me further into the room Harley sat me down onto a bed and went off. My mind began to wander, just thinking of all the shit I've gotten in to. Harley came back with something in her hands. I didn't notice though. Not even when she knelt down in front of me I didn't react.

"Fuck Harley!" I cried out slapping her hand away harshly as she dabbed something on my cut. What ever it was clattered onto the floor making realize what I'd done. I regretted my actions seeing Harley's face. She looked hurt, her eyes sad. "Oh Harley." Guilt washed over me as I looked at her. "I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to! Please, I'm so sorry!" I stressed kneeling beside her.

Harley seemed to get confused, her head tilted to the side. "It's ok, Becca." I smiled in relief and went back to the bed and let Harley continue.

[[Third Person POV]]

The Joker leaned against the wall of Harley's room running his finger up and down the edge of his knife. He smirked hearing Harley talk about him. She was a fool, but a useful fool at that. It was quiet for only a moment.

"Fuck Harley!" Rebecca yelled followed by a smacking noise and something falling to the ground. The Joker's painted face smiled, then it fell. "Oh Harley" Rebecca whispered. "I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to! Please, I'm so sorry!" She pleaded.

The frown on his face deepened. She wasn't supposed to act his way. This is not how he wanted her to be.

"It's ok, Becca." Harley answered.

An idea sprang into his head. Rebecca had acted the same way while she slept. Pleading to her Mother about how sorry she was. She had been so sad that she'd upset a person she loved. When she hit Harley, she acted the same way. That was something holding her back. Those who she loved, or befriended. Harley. Without Harley, nothing would hold her back from her potential psychotic manner. And that's what he needed her to be. So he could show everyone anyone could be like him.
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