Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Nine

"Hum-dee-dum-de-da." Joker sang playing with the video camera. He stood in front of the "Batman" trying to turn it on. "You know how to turn this on?" He asks bending down. "Huh? Come on speak up!" He orders slapping the chubby man's face.

I guess I expected the real Batman, but when we went into the factory I got some fat guy dressed up as him tied to a chair. I'd heard of guys like him before, dressing up trying to "help" the Batman. It was really hysterical.

"Leal," Joker said looking back at me as he stood a few feet away from the man, "play along and take off your mask." Giggling he turned on the camcorder and faced the man. "Tell me your name." He ordered giggling at the end. The man groans his head rolling from side to side. "Look at me!" Joker suddenly screams making the man jump.

"Austin Keaton." He stuttered staring at the Joker. "Were not afraid of you! The Batman will get you!"

The Joker turned the camera towards himself. "Get me? Huh? Lil Old Batman?" He cackles facing the camera to the man again. "Hilarious! You see, I'm a man of…simple needs." He begins licking his lips watching the man shiver. "And I've got one request. That's for the Batman to…turn himself in!" He let out another roll of laughter.

Taking off my mask, I watch intently crossing my arms, waiting for the rest of the act.

"And if he doesn't…I will kill one person each day he doesn't." Dropping the camera to the ground he stalks over to the man taking out a knife. "Here's day number one!"

"No no! Please no I-" Austin Keaton was cut off by Joker's knife. To quote Queen "Another one bites the dust."

Giggling the Joker picked up the camera and turned it towards himself. "See? First one down, only Batman can decide how many more. And if he doesn't turn himself in tomorrow," Slowly the Joker turns the camera towards me and I immediately go rigid clamping my arms around myself feigning fear, "this little beauty will be next." Storming up at me he wraps his free arm around me facing the camera at us both. "Don't we make a lovely couple?" He grabs my chin and shoves it so I'm looking at the camera. "Tell them your name." He instructs but I try to pull away. "TELL THEM YOUR NAME!" He screams shoving my face again. Sobbing I look towards the camera.

"Rebecca Leal." I cry closing my eyes forcing tears to stream out.

"Oooo," He trails off pressing his face against mine and I involuntarily shiver, "very pretty name. I can tell were going to have lots of fun." He cackled before clicking the camera off.

I waited for a moment to be let go, but alas no such luck. "So do you plan on killing me, keep cuddling me, or letting me go so I can get some food?" I asked lolling my head back onto his shoulder. His green hair was beginning to fade and it was getting very greasy.

"Hm, well," He clicks his tongue mulling over the options, "I don't really care for the first, and the second one sounds very appealing." He stretched out his words whispering it into my ear. "But I don't have time for either." Finally, Joker lets me go and I scoot away from him quickly and grab my mask from the ground.

Reattaching it to my face I turn back to the Joker who's applying make-up to the dead man's face. He attaches a joker card to him then takes out the tape and tapes it to him as well.

"So, does this mean your going to get me some food?" I asked leaning against the wall.

Standing up straight, a disastrous grin on his face, the Joker wiggles his eyebrows then walks out, leaving me to follow. No answer, how lovely. I shook my head and walked behind him. My head began to ache as I saw the van. I practically needed a helmet to just ride in that thing.

I clenched onto the seat propping my legs onto the dash. "Ok, letta rip Joker." I grunted preparing myself.

Surprisingly, we went at the normal speed as we passed through town. But, once we were on the outer limits, he went crazy. We did zig-zags, curves, and every other direction known to man. Thankfully, not once did my head hit anything.

As he pulled into the driveway I threw myself out of the car. Getting out the Joker lets out rolls of laughter seeing me wide-eyed.

"I'm going to find food before you try to kill me again."

Bolting towards the door I threw it open and ran into the house searching for food. I threw open, what seemed, thousands of doors none leading to the kitchen. Just when I thought I had found it, I opened the door to reveal…the living room.

"No!" I wailed slumping to the ground. "I just want to get some damn food!" Thumping my fists on the ground I curled up. Childish, yes, but I don't care. I'm nineteen years old and I'm fucking hungry.

Footsteps approached me but I didn't pay attention. Then, I caught an almost heavenly aroma in the air. Lifting my head up, I saw pizza attached to a hand. Without a second thought I tackle the body connected to the arm and yank the pizza away. Stuffing it into my mouth I hardly pay attention to the person below. Eating the last bite I release a sigh and lean my head down to the other person. As I open my eyes I look to see a clown face beneath me. I'm sitting on Jack, I didn't really care.

"If you didn't have that mask on I'd kiss you." I laughed getting up off him. "Thanks for the pizza, it was great."

Still giddy from having food I skip around, easily finding Harley's room. She was sitting on her bed, staring intently at the TV. As she noticed me, her eyes went wide.

"Becca!" She cried out jumping from her bed and engulfing me in a giant hug. "Oh god I thought you were dead!" I was completely dumb struck so I stood still not knowing what to do. "Becca, your on the news! Mister J was saying he was going to kill you!"

Wow. They already found the body.

"Harley! Jesus calm down!" I chided, pulling the sobbing woman away from myself. "It was just a rouge, 'ya know? A little trick to play on them. Come on Harley, don't cry." My voice was almost a whimper as I pulled Harley back into a hug.

I could tell her paint was running onto my jacket but I didn't really care. Suddenly I felt awful that I'd done that video. Harley was so upset, so broken. One day and we'd come to be friends that seemed to have known each other for ages. Maybe it's because were bother a little messed up. Either way, we'd be there for each other as long we both live.

"Becca you smell."
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Wee I got this one out. I feel bad for Harley! She though Rebecca was dead :[ Made her sad.