Having a Split Personality


Mike found himself outside of a normal-looking house. Assuming that it was Kristine Wilson’s, he strode up the driveway and paused at the foot of the steps leading up to the porch for a moment. He tried to decide how he was going to kidnap her, and an idea formed in his head. Before he could start regretting and over thinking things that could potentially cause him to mess up, he walked up the steps before knocking on the door.

A few seconds later it was opened a young woman peeked her head out. She looked around before shrugging and closing the door again.

Mike watched her walk back into the living room where she was watching TV. He cautiously made his way towards her, careful not to make a sound, not wanting her to get suspicious. As he entered the living room, he saw that her eyes were glued to the screen, watching some show that he didn’t pay attention to. His eyes were fixed on her. It was then that he noticed that she was pregnant. It was hardly noticeable, but you could still tell.

Guilt overcame him and he staggered back a step, recoiling from the thought of kidnapping her and handing her over to Arcturis. Unfortunately that was a bad thing for him to do and he ended up backing into a couch and falling back onto it with a sharp intake of breath in surprise. Kristine turned her head towards the sound.

“Who’s there?” she called out nervously, turning off the TV with the remote in her hand. Her arm was shaking from fright. When there was no answer, she called out again, “Who’s there?!”

Mike tried to ease himself up without causing another disruption, but the couch creaked underneath him. He watched as the woman started panicking further, grabbing the closest thing near her that could be used a weapon: a poker for a fire that was by the fireplace. She held out in front of her, ready to use it on whoever the intruder was, not knowing that he was right in front of her, invisible.

Without a second thought, Mike changed into a fly and let himself be seen again. She wouldn’t mind a tiny, insignificant fly. He landed on the floor behind her, careful to give her a few feet. Then he transformed back to normal and whispered in her ear, “Boo.” Before she could scream, he knocked her over the head. She crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

Mike picked her up, carefully now, his heart starting to weigh with sorrow as he thought of all the things Arcturis could want her for and what he planned to do to her. He remembered his dream, his flashback, or whatever you would call it, when he had heard snatches of the conversation. He remembered one word in particular from it: revenge. If Arcturis was from the future and he wanted revenge, maybe this woman that Mike was carrying to bring back to him was a great-great-great-great-grandmother or other of one of the people who Arcturis must want revenge against for whatever reason.

Two thoughts about Kristine’s fate crossed his mind: a quick death or a slow, painful death. Hopefully Arcturis was in a good mood. Mike decided that he would try not to get him mad when he delivered Arcturis’s next victim.