Lightning Struck

One stormy night Billie Joe gets struck by lightning. Instead of dieing like he was supposed to, he lived and was given powers by figure called Zen. Zen teaches Billie to use his powers since Death is after him and is very angry. How long will Billie last dodging death?
  1. Lightning Struck
    Billie gets struck by lightning and figures out that he has powers.
  2. Meeting Zen
    Billie has a dream where he meets Zen and practices his powers when he wakes up.
  3. Spilling the Beans
    Billie tells Mike and Tre about his powers and shares his worries.
  4. Learning About Life, Death, and Zen
    Billie returns to Zen in his dream and learns a few things while he's there.
  5. Moving Water
    Billie learns how to work with water.
  6. Fighting the Fire
    Billie fights the fire.
  7. The Realm of the Dead
    Billie finds himself some place he'd rather not be and meets Death.
  8. Logical Nonsense
    Tre tells Billie about his suspicions of chickens and Joey tells Jakob where babies come from... sort of...
  9. Water Hazard
    Billie falls into the swimming pool.
  10. Tre to the Rescue (Again)
    Tre rescues Billie and Billie let's Tre have two requests.
  11. Sleepy Billie
    Billie gets the venom out of Tre's bloodstream and falls into a deep sleep.
  12. Tre is on Fire
    Tre gets an idea and Billie ends up flaming Tre.
  13. Burning Cold
    Billie learns how to freeze water but gets angry and does the opposite of what he was trying to do.
  14. Freezing Point
    Billie successfully freezes water.
  15. Billie, the Hindu god
    Billie gets four arms.
  16. Wind and Flame
    Billie learns how to control air and a warning about fire.
  17. The Call
    Billie gets a call that he rather would not've gotten.
  18. Please Don't Be Mad...
    Billie drops the boys off and makes an important decision.
  19. The End