Lightning Struck

Lightning Struck

It was a dark and stormy night... No, this is not some cliché horror story. This is my story; a story I wrote.

Billie Joe Armstrong was pulling into his driveway. He parked, got out of his car, locked it, and ran through the rain to his front door.

He was about to reach the dry haven of his porch when there was a flash of lightning. He was struck by it. Something weird happened, no plasma came out. Instead, he just glowed for a moment. Then he passed out. He was lying face down, soaking wet from the rain.

Adrienne looked out her window. She saw her husband and rushed out.

She put one of his arms around her neck and dragged Billie Joe inside. Setting him on the couch, she tried to find out what was wrong with him.

Right when she was about to panic, he stirred.

"Adie? I'm not in heaven, right?" he asked.

"No," she replied, "Of course not. Why would you ask that?"

"I was struck by lightning," Billie said, blinking.

Adrienne looked shocked.

"But then how come you're... normal?" she asked him.

"I don't know. I don't feel normal exactly," her husband replied, "I feel different." Adrienne gave him a questioning look. "Well I feel like I can do more things... like levitate." Even as Billie Joe was saying this, he started to float a few inches off the ground. Adrienne's jaw dropped.

"What?" He looked down. Instantly he fell. His jaw dropped too.

Now Joey and Jakob were coming downstairs.

"Daddy!" Jakob shouted, running over to hug him.

Joey stared at his mom and dad who still looked shocked. "What's the matter?"

"Um, nothing... " Billie said.

Joey gave him a disbelieving look.

"Really," Billie said unconvincingly.

Now Jakob was staring at him too. Billie Joe just wanted to disappear. He did, sort of. Adie gulped.

"Daddy, I can't see you," Jakob said.

Billie Joe looked down and cussed. He was invisible.

Suddenly he reappeared.

Joey raised an eyebrow. "Nothing, huh?"

"Look, just don't tell anyone," Billie told his two sons sternly.

"Okay... " they both muttered.

"Now you two should get to bed," Adie watched them as they trudged upstairs.

As soon as they left, Adie turned to her husband. "What are we gonna do?"

"Well," Billie replied, "keep it quiet, for one thing."

They just stood in silence. "I'll tell Mike and Tre tomorrow, but that's it." Billie spoke up, "but for now, I'm going to bed."

Adie nodded.