Lightning Struck

Sleepy Billie

Fearing that he didn't have enough time to get Tré to the hospital, Billie tried to think of a way he could save him. He frantically looked around to find inspiration. He had no idea what to do and soon found tears falling down his face and unto Tré's unmoving body.

'It's all my fault, all my fault,' Billie thought sadly to himself, 'He's gonna die and it's all my fault.'

As the tears continued to fall from his eyes he then thought of something.

'Venom is a liquid, right? So maybe I can get it out of him with my powers. Hopefully... '

Billie put his hand over the snake bite and tried to move the venom out of Tré's bloodstream. At first he kept only getting hold of the blood, but after a few tries he finally got the venom. He carefully moved it towards the punctures left by the snake's fangs. The day's events started to take their toll on Billie and he felt his eyelids growing heavy. He struggled to stay awake. He felt his eyelids close and he slumped over, on the verge of sleep. As much as he tried to stay awake so that he could remove the venom so Tré wouldn't die, Billie couldn't stave off sleep. He knew this and hoped that he had finished getting the venom out of Tré before he fell into a deep sleep.

*Ten minutes later*

Mike pulled up to Billie's house, after neither him nor Tré answered their phones at home or their cell phones. After going to Tré's and not finding anybody home and his car missing, he came to Billie's and saw his car. He parked his car and got out, curious. He walked up to the porch and rang the doorbell. When nobody answered after a few minutes and he got the same results with knocking, Mike decided to check around out back on a hunch. What he saw made him even more curious.

'What the heck?' he thought to himself. Billie was kneeling next to what appeared to be a sleeping Tré. Both were soaking wet and topless. Upon further inspection he noticed that Billie was asleep too, his head resting on his chest and one of his hands was near Tré's ankle.

Mike tried to wake Billie up first, shaking him. When he realized that it wasn't working, he decided to try Tré. Surprisingly, Tré woke up.

"Why, hello Mikey. What are you doing here?" Tré asked him in a weird voice.

"I could ask you the same thing," Mike said, glancing from him to Billie.

"Well, you see," Tré said really slowly, "I was bored so I decided to come over here to Billie's. Nobody answered the door so I came around back to see that Billie had drowned. I dove in and saved him and then since I had saved his life twice today, he said he would transform me into two things I chose. First I was that old chick from the Golden Girls and then I was gonna be a peacock, but some snake bit me and I fell unconscious and I'm guessing Billie found a way to prevent me from dying so now we're even."

It took a few moments for Mike to process what he had said. "Okay...well should we take him inside?"

"Yeppurs," Tré got up and picked Billie up.

The two went back around front and Mike used his spare key that Billie had given him. Tré dumped him on the couch in the living room and then decided to raid his fridge for beer. Mike joined him, deciding to wait for Billie to wake up.