Lightning Struck

Tre is on Fire

Tré suddenly started grinning, grinning evilly.

'Oh boy,' Mike thought, knowing all too well what was probably going through Tré's mind right now.

Tré got up and left the room, not saying anything. Mike heard him rummaging through a drawer in the kitchen.

He came back carrying a black sharpie.

"It's time to get artistical," Tré said grinning.

"Artistical isn't a word," Mike told him.

"Yes it is. It's a word I made up," Tré argued.

Mike just rolled his eyes. He knew Tré was stubborn...and crazy...

Tré started doodling all over Billie's face. Mike didn't know whether or not he should be trying to stop him. Deciding it would just be easier and more entertaining, he just watched.

He drew the classics: the goatee, the mustache, and the dorky glasses. Tré also added obscene words and pictures of certain body parts. While he was in the middle of writing "", Billie woke up.

"Tré, what are you doing?" he asked slowly.

Tré finished writing and capped the marker before saying, "Nothing."

Billie glared at him, not believing him. He got up and brushed past Tré. He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He started trembling. Tré started trying to find a place to hide. Mike started laughing at Tré's frantic movements.

"TRE! I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU!" Billie bellowed before running out of the bathroom. He saw that Tré was gone and Mike was bent over with laughter. "What are you laughing at?" he asked accusingly.

"No-nothing," Mike said laughing.

"Where did Tré go?" Billie asked menacingly.

"I-I don't know," Mike replied truthfully, "I was too busy laughing to see where he hid, but I think he went that way," He pointed towards the stairs.

"Thanks, but I'm still mad at you for laughing..."

Billie sprinted up the stairs. He glanced both ways before deciding to go towards his room. He burst in and looked around. He tried the closet first. Tré was there and he was scared.

"Why you little..." Billie said before he flung a fireball towards Tré without thinking.

"Ahhh! I'm on fire! I'm on fire! I'm freaking on fire!" Tré said, shouting and waving his arms wildly in the air. He started running in circles with his clothes flaming.

"Tré, stop running," Billie said calmly.

"I'm on fire! It burns!"

"Tre, stop running!"

"Ouch! Oo, ouch ouch! Hot hot hot! Burning sensation!"

"Tré, stop freaking running! I'll put you out if you'll just stop running!"

"Third degree burns!"

Billie rolled his eyes and went downstairs. He went to the sink and turned it on. Then he started moving it up stairs. He directed it towards the flaming Tré who had now made the fire alarm go off.

"I'm melting..." Tré said weirdly.

"You deserve to melt," Billie mumbled darkly.

Tré looked up at his face and burst out laughing. "Who did that to you? Whoever it was is a genius."

"It was you...and you're dead meat," Billie threatened, making a wave of water; a tall wave of water.

"Uh, um, sorry?" Tré squeaked.

"Billie, we're home!" Adrienne shouted from downstairs.

"You're lucky this time," Billie started bringing the water back downstairs with him.