Lightning Struck

The End

Billie Joe woke up, his arms aching painfully. Sitting up, he looked around, seeing what he had expected. It was pitch black, but he could barely make out the outline of a gravestone that was a few inches from his face. Other than the pain, he felt nothing except for a small bit of fear.

A cold voice filled the air. “Finally.”

A ghastly green glow illuminated the eerie cemetery-like place, including the tall, formidable yet skin-and-bones form of Death, his black eyes glowing red around the rims with a look of satisfaction.

“I have finally got you,” Death said, grinning. “And now you are going to pay.”

A scythe appeared in his hand, and Billie started backing away on the ground. As Death swung, Billie dodged and got up to try to run away, despite knowing it would do him no good. He let out a gasp of pain as he felt the blade slicing through his back. Another cut soon followed and he fell to the ground in pain.

“I thought you might like to know, any pain you feel from now on will remain for the rest of eternity,” Death said smugly.

Billie just breathed raggedly, wishing that this would end. Unfortunately, his wish didn’t come true. Next he felt like he was burning all over, as though he were being cooked alive in an oven with no escape, not even death seeing as how he was already dead. As if that weren’t enough, he then felt as though all the oxygen had been sucked out of his lungs and he couldn’t breathe. His lungs screamed for oxygen, and although there was plenty in the air, Billie just couldn’t seem to get any.

“And now, to finish it off...” Death said slowly, trailing off as he lifted the scythe above Billie’s head.
Billie Joe could do nothing except curl up in pain, waiting to be decapitated. For the rest of eternity he’d feel the pain of having his head cut off, and he knew that it would be worse than the pain he was experiencing now.

A flash of light blinded him, also catching Death off guard. Instantly Billie felt his pain vanish all at once, making him gasp with immense relief. He had never felt better.

A light voice that was almost musical filled the air, emanating from the bright light, although right now it was stern. “Death, you have broken the rules, and you know it. Now I am taking action. Billie Joe will be given his life back, and you will not bother him any more. When he dies, he will get the afterlife he deserves. Your punishment will be having to endure the pain you caused him until the day he dies.”

Death’s eyes widened with horror at the thought. “B-but, Life, you are being extreme.”

“You know the consequences could be much worse after you broke the rules so badly,” Life said. “Now goodbye.”

The bright light disappeared. Billie Joe heard Death cry out in pain and anger as his long-awaited prized was taken away from him.

Billie opened his eyes and everything was silent. He looked around and found himself in his car. He was parked in his driveway and a storm was going on outside. He almost laughed for joy and relief that he was alive again, back in his car, back to before it had all started. Deciding not to take any chances, he took his cell phone out and called his home phone.


“Hey Adie,” Billie said softly, happiness bubbling up inside of him at the fact that she was back and okay. “I’m going to be staying out in the car tonight. Please don’t come out, I’ll explain everything in the morning.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Billie hung up and let out a sigh of complete and total relief and happiness. He didn’t mind being stuck out in his car all night. He was alive. His wife was at home and okay. Death wouldn’t be bothering him any more. Everything was okay.

The End