Lightning Struck

Meeting Zen

That night, Billie Joe had a dream.

He was riding a griffin that was black with white streaks. He flew it up into the clouds and landed on one. It was actually fluffy and stable. He hopped off. There was a flash of light and a figure dressed in black and white appeared. She had extremely pale skin with black swirls and black hair with white tips. Billie blinked.
"I am Zen," the figure said, "I posses great powers and I chose to bestow you with great powers. For you will need them soon."

"What do you mean you 'bestowed me with great powers'?" he asked.

"Well, when you got struck by lightning, you were going to die," Zen said, "so I protected you. Some how you got bestowed with powers. But that is good now since Death will hang around you since you cheated it."

"Whatever, this is just a dream." He started to get back on the griffin.

"Wait!" Zen cried, "This may be a dream, but it's not a normal one."

Billie Joe continued to get ready to leave.

"Well if you're going to be stubborn, take this with you as proof when you wake up." She tossed him a stone that looked like a yin-yang symbol.

He caught it and took off.

Billie Joe woke up. In his hand he held the circular stone. It was cool and smooth. He stared at it in the dark, thinking. The sun was probably rising by now.

A sudden urge made him get up. He walked out of the bedroom when he heard a soft noise. He turned around. A knife was sticking up out of the mattress where he had been sitting a few seconds ago. He was surprised. The knife flew into the wall waking up Adrienne. Her eyes snapped open and Billie saw they were wide with fear. She saw her husband's face and followed his gaze. She let out a startled cry.

"Wha- what-?" Adie stuttered.

"Death," Billie Joe cut her off.

He went over and took the knife out of the wall. He opened a dresser drawer and put it in the back.

"You can just go back to sleep," he told his wife gently.

She gave him a final look before yawning and closing here eyes again. He sighed and looked at the hole in the wall. He blinked, then the hole was there no more. He shivered; he still wasn't used to that. He decided to go about his daily routine.

When he was done, he went downstairs to practice his powers.

He started by trying to move things. First he tried to move a guitar pick that was lying on a small table. He concentrated and it moved a little. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he strained. Slowly it moved towards the edge. He stopped trying so he could take a break. It was hard. He tried again and it jumped an inch then fell back down. It was being very stubborn. Eventually he could move it easily.

He made it hover in the air and tried to bring it toward him but it dropped after it got past the edge of the table. He took another break, feeling thirsty. He went upstairs and got a drink of water before returning to his work. He slowly got the pick up into his hand.

Next he tried to something bigger: a guitar. He set it down on the ground and sat down in a chair in front of it. It shakily made its way into his lap. He made it hover in the air until it stayed up there steadily. He stared at it, absentmindedly humming "Minority". Suddenly the guitar in time with his humming. He stopped and so did the guitar, right as he did. He started humming again where he left off. The guitar started playing again. He stopped humming and only thought it. At first he struggled getting the guitar to do it, but he finally got it down.

His family burst through the door. He stopped what he was doing and the guitar fell back into his lap.

"What the fu-" Joey started to say.

"Joseph Marciano Armstrong," Adie said sternly.

"I mean: What the heck?"

"Erm... " Billie Joe tried to find the right word, "Just practicing."

"Your guitar was in the air playing itself!" Jakob's eyes were wide.

"Um... Why are you down here anyways?" Billie asked, trying to change the subject.

"We wanted why you were playing your guitar so early in the morning," Adie said.

"Oh," Billie said, "What time is it?"

"It's around 9:30 now," she replied. She turned to the boys. "Let's go have some breakfast."

"Ok... " the boys said sullenly.

They went back upstairs.

Billie Joe sighed and made the guitar go back away along with the pick. He got up and stretched. Suddenly he felt very sleepy, probably from lack of sleep. He decided to take a quick nap even though he hadn't taken one in years.