Lightning Struck

Spilling the Beans

He woke up when it was nearly noon. Mike and Tré were going to be there soon. Billie started to get ready and tried to think of how he was going to tell them about his powers. The doorbell rang upstairs and Adrienne let Mike and Tré in. Billie heard them plod downstairs with Tré shouting something he couldn't understand. It sounded like "The chickens are coming! The chickens are coming!" He jumped down the last five stairs and landed with a loud thud. His eyes were wide and he ran over to Billie.

"The chickens! They are coming!" He shook Billie madly.

"What chickens?" Billie asked.

"I don't know," Tré stopped shaking Billie, "all I know is that they are coming to get us!"

"Yeah... "

Mike walked over to them and put a hand on Tre's shoulder. "Tré, there are no chickens coming to get us. I know how you think there are, but there isn't. You just must've forgotten to take your medicine this morning."

"For your information I don't take any medicine!" Tré said indignantly.

"Well then you should."

They were silent so Billie decided to take the chance, "I have something to tell you... "

"The chickens are already here?!"

"No... " Billie paused, "Erm... I sort of got stuck by lightning and now I've got these weird powers."

Mike stared at him and Tré started laughing.

"Nice joke," Tré said when he stopped.

"No, really," Billie took out a guitar and put it on the ground. He made it hover in the air and thought "Knowledge" in his head. The guitar started to play it. Mike and Tré were gaping.

Billie stopped and so did the guitar.

"Dude, you got, like, super magically powers," Tré moved his arms in weird motions.

"Ok... That's like... Wow!" Mike said, stunned.

"Hey, can you like transform into animals?!" Tré asked excitedly.

"Err, I don't know, I never tried," Billie replied.

Concentrating hard, he thought of a coyote. At first nothing happened, or at least that's what Billie Joe thought.

"Billie's got a tail! Billie's got a tail!" Tré began to sing.

Billie turned as best as he could to see if he had a tail. He did; it was black with a white tip. He tried to transform further. His lower body became like a coyote's and it was harder for him to stay upright. His paws were white and the rest of his fur was black. He was starting to sweat a little when the rest of his body changed. His front paws were white along with his ears and snout.

"Why are you black and white?" Mike asked.

"I got them from this person called Zen," Billie walked in a circle around Mike and Tré, testing out the new form. "She said Death's gonna hang around me now that I cheated it."

Mike seemed alarmed. "Aren't you worried?"

"Of course I am," Billie stopped walking around and faced Mike, "and I'm also worried for you guys. Death is going to hang around me; it might not just try to kill me."

Tré was actually quiet and serious at the moment. But then he said, "Is Zen hot?"

"Tré! This is a very serious matter! One of us could end up dead, mainly me!" Billie wished his friend wouldn't joke for once.

"Okay, okay." Tré hated being serious. "All we have to do is be very careful from now on and don't do anything stupid."

"That includes you, Tré." Mike told him sternly.

"What? You don't trust me?" Tré pretended to be hurt and sniffled.



"Man that hurts so bad, right here," Tré pointed to his heart.

"Soooo... " Mike said slowly, "Are we gonna practice?"

"I guess," Billie Joe transformed back to normal.

He stretched his arm towards his guitar and it came to him. Even though he could play it with his mind, he still liked to play it with his hands.

Tré took a seat behind the drums and Mike picked up his bass guitar.