Lightning Struck

The Realm of the Dead

The gem in Billie Joe's hand began to glow and immediately a change overcame the atmosphere of the room. It became completely silent and even darker. The air was still as was Billie. His chest wasn't even moving up and down to show he was breathing anymore. He slowly grew paler as he slept...

It was pitch black and it was starting to creep Billie out. "Zen?" he called out, hoping to get an answer. When he received none, he reached his hand outward and started to walk. In only a few steps, he ran into something hard and cold. It was stone. He felt along it before gulping. It was a gravestone. He took a few steps back and ran into another one. He started to freak out and tried to run away. He didn't know what, he just ran, bumping into a few tall gravestones. He tripped over one and he hurriedly got up. Just as he got to his feet he felt an icy cold hand on his shoulder. He saw that it was deathly pale even in the dark and felt his heart stop, literally. He yanked away from the strong grasp and his heart started beating again, furiously. He turned around and saw two eyes that were black, but around the rims were a glowing red.

All of a sudden there was a ghastly green glow that illuminated where he was and he saw that he was in some kind of cemetery place and the black eyes belonged to a nearly white-skinned person that looked like he was just made up of skin and bones. He was probably about seven feet tall.

Billie Joe would've had a panic attack but he just didn't seem to possess that much emotion. He only felt a bit frightened, but nothing else. He felt empty here...

"Billie Joe Armstrong," said the skeletal figure in a raspy voice, "I am Death and right now you are in the realm of the dead. As Zen probably already told you, I am not happy that you escaped my clutches. I am not happy at all," Death started to pace around Billie, causing him to shiver. "So, give up your life to me now, or else you will just be putting yourself in a bad position. You already will not be having a pleasant after-life, but it can be much worse if you choose so."

"No, I won't give up my life," Billie said in a voice devoid of emotion.

"Well then, you have been warned," Death said threateningly before he disappeared.

Everything faded and Billie Joe felt his emotions come back in a rush.

The gem stopped glowing and the room reverted to its original state. It fell out of Billie's hand and rolled around on the floor before stopping right beside the doorway.

When Billie woke up, it was still a bit early and Adie was still sleeping. Being careful not to wake her, he got out of bed. He sleepily walked towards the door, his eyes only half-open. As he opened the door, he stepped on something sharp and he started hopping up and down, grabbing his foot. As he was hopping, he lost his balance and fell down the stairs near where he was, falling head first.

A startled Tré Cool was at the bottom and broke his fall. Billie stared at him, dazed.

When he could think straight, he glared at Tré. "What the heck are you doing in my house? And at this hour?"

"I had a nightmare and I got scared." Tré replied with puppy dog eyes.

"You're not the only one," Billie muttered before saying, "And may I ask you what it was about?"

"Chickens!" Tré practically shouted, "I had a nightmare that they had taken over the world!"

Billie rolled his eyes. He had more important matters on his mind.

'I hope I never have to go back to the realm of death,' he thought as Tré walked into his kitchen.

"What are you doing now?" Billie called after him.

"I'm gonna make scrambled eggs so I can get back at those evil chickens! I will eat their future!" Tre kept ranting on as Billie tried to forgot about his own nightmare.