Lightning Struck

Logical Nonsense

"I thought you said you thought that dogs were gonna rule the world, not chickens," Billie said as he took over the job of making scrambled eggs. He didn't want another fire already.

"That's what I thought at first," Tré explained, "But then I realized, we always think they are so stupid, right? And we think that dogs will rule the world. We also eat lots of them right? Well they got angry so they've started an elaborate plan in order to take over the world! The first part was to make us believe that they were stupid so that way we'll never suspect them and it'll all be a surprise and they'll enslave us all and make us do the chicken dance, which they brainwashed a human to do and teach others!"

"Yeah... You might wanna get your brain checked sometime... Soon." Billie was kind of glad that he had Tré to distract him from his thoughts of Death. They weren't exactly pleasant. He was still a bit shaken from his encounter with Death and saw his hands shaking a bit. He closed his eyes for a moment. 'Pull yourself together. Death hasn't killed you yet, and probably won't. ' But he couldn't believe himself. Lots of people feared death. He certainly had a reason. Death was personally after him.

His thoughts were interrupted by Tré, "Dude, if you wanted burnt eggs, you could've just let me cook them."

Billie realized the eggs were starting to burn and turned off the stove and started serving up the eggs. There was bacon in the microwave and he made toast after putting the eggs on some plates.

By the time all the food was on the plates, Adie had woken up and had came downstairs. As soon as she saw Tré she asked, "What's he doing here?"

"He had a nightmare about chickens taking over the world," Billie explained to her.

"Oh, okay." Adie had grown used to Tré's weirdness over the years.

"I also saved his life!" Tré boasted, "He was falling headfirst down the stairs!"

"Really?" she asked disbelievingly.

"Yep," Tré answered eagerly, "Why were you falling anyways?" he asked Billie.

"Um, I stepped on something sharp and was hopping when I fell down the stairs," Billie decided not to tell Tré about the stone. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a glint under the couch. He redirected his attention to serving breakfast. As if on cue, Joey and Jakob came running down the stairs.

"Mom! Dad! Joey said that babies come from belly buttons on Mars!"

Billie raised an eyebrow and glanced at Joey.

"What, he asked where they came from," Joey muttered as he walked by Billie to get to the food so Jakob didn't hear him.

"Well, they do come from belly buttons," Billie said, "Not necessarily from Mars."

"But then why do guys have belly buttons too?" Jakob asked innocently.

"Er... Ours are just for decoration," Billie replied.

"Oh, okay." Joey sat down in and dug in. When Billie followed suite, Adie gave him a questioning look.

She mouthed, "Decoration?" He just shrugged.