Lightning Struck

Water Hazard

Adie and the kids were out going to the park. Billie had stayed home, not feeling like joining them. He has tossing the black gem up and down with his right hand. After a few minutes of doing that he started growing restless.

He got up and went outside to the backyard. He walked over to the pool and got into the stance for making a jet stream of water. It took him a few tries to do it correctly. Luckily he had a tall fence surrounding his backyard so no one would see him. Slowly he started growing tired and it began to take a toll on him.

Billie sat down on the edge of his in ground pool near the deep end, dipping his bare feet in. He felt so tired he couldn't get up. He leaned over a bit. 'That's a nice side effect,' he thought sarcastically, 'but I guess I should be grateful. After all, it did save me and my family's lives.'

Sweat dripped from his forehead into the pool. He watched it, leaning even further. Suddenly his hand slipped and he fell forward, head first, into the pool. Being so exhausted, he couldn't swim. He struggled to get to the surface but to no avail. He sank further and further before hitting the bottom. His lungs screamed for air and his eyes burned since he had opened them. He opened his mouth and felt water filling up his lungs. Finally he passed out.

Tré rang the doorbell again and waited a few more seconds before deciding to go around back to see if anyone was there. At first he didn't see anyone, but then he spotted Billie at the bottom of the pool, not moving.

Tre hurriedly slipped his shoes off along with his socks and shirt. He dove in and grabbed a hold of Billie's arm, putting it over his shoulder. He swam up to the surface and climbed out carrying Billie.

Billie looked around and realized that he was back where he had first met Death.

'How did I get here?' he thought. Then he remembered what had happened and said, "Oh, dear God, no."

He heard someone coming and found that he couldn't move.

Tré pressed down on Billie's stomach again and a little water came out of his mouth. Tré had taken off Billie's shirt and now laid his ear against his bare chest. He then moved up to his mouth and opened it slightly with his hands. He pinched Billie's nose.

'This is gonna look wrong,' he thought before putting his mouth over Billie's. He breathed out then straightened before inhaling. He put his head back on his band mate's chest before repeating the process.

Billie's eyes grew wide as Death came into view.

"Now you'll be mine and I'll make sure your after life is unpleasant," Death said as he drew closer. He closed his right hand slightly and a scythe appeared.

He circled around Billie, stopping behind him.

"Soon you'll wish you had never been born," Death whispered. He walked around to face Billie and ran his fingers over his cheek, making him wince. Billie couldn't breathe when they had contact with him. Death slowly withdrew his hand and grabbed the scythe's handle with it.

He brought it over his head, ready to decapitate Billie Joe.

"Wait!" Billie cried, "Don't I get any last words?"

"No," Death said coldly as he brought it down.