Sequel: Angel

The Blank Book

Happy Endings

*Twenty seconds earlier*

As soon as the stake pierced Veldenbarr's heart, Mike felt freed. Sure he still felt like there was another presence in his body, but he felt free at last. But the feeling didn't last long. Veldenbarr's stake pierced his heart. His eyes widened. He saw Veldenbarr smirk before he turned into a pile of dust. Then he felt himself suddenly become lighter than air and he lost consciousness.

He opened his eyes, expecting to be in some dark tunnel with a light at the end of it or whatever. But all he saw was stone. Cold, hard stone. A stone floor beneath him and stone walls surrounding him. He groaned and got up, looking around. He saw Billie. He was holding a pile of dust and was crying. Tré was next to him, crying also.

"What are you guys crying about?" Mike asked.

They didn't answer or even look up. They just kept crying.

Mike tried being a little louder, "Hello, can't you hear me?"

Still no response.

Now he started to panic a little. He tried waving his hand in front of Billie's face. Nothing. He tried to touch him and ended up going right through him.

'Oh no, I can't be a ghost. I can't be dead.'

Then everything that had happened not that long ago came back to him. He put his hand up to his heart, expecting to find the puncture wound. But there was none. Mike let out a sigh of relief. At least he didn't have a hole in his chest. But it tore him apart to see his friends crying and them not being able to see or hear or feel him.

He rested a hand on Billie's shoulder and started to cry himself.

"Tré, get your hand off my shoulder," Billie said in a hoarse voice. "It's not helping any. Nothing will help. Mike's dead and he's not coming back."

"But I don't have my hand on your shoulder," Tré replied.

"Stop it, Tré, I'm not in the mood for it. No one else is in this room."

Mike stopped crying and swallowed. 'Maybe... '

"I told you, I'm not touching you!" Tré said, starting to get annoyed.

"Tré, quit it, alright. I've had enough of you annoying me and now is definitely not the time to be doing it. I've put up with it loads of times, but I'm not going to stand it any longer, okay?" Billie reached up and brushed Mike's hand off his shoulder.

A big lump formed in Mike's throat. His hand hadn't gone through Billie's.

Slowly Billie turned around and looked up.

"Holy cow... " he breathed, awe-struck, "Mike!"

"Okay, now you're really annoying me," Tré said angrily, "Is this some kind of payback? 'Cause if it is, this is twisted and low."

"No... it isn't... Mike!" Billie lunged at Mike and gave him a big hug. Now a different kind of tears flowed down his face. These were tears of joy.

"You're alive! I can't believe it!"

Mike just stood there, shocked. He was alive. Then he hugged Billie back.

"Billie, that's it! Stop it right now!" Tré shouted. He spun around and that's when he saw Mike.

"Mike? OH MY GOD, MIKE!" Tré joined the hug.

After Billie and Tré got over the shock of Mike somehow being alive again, Billie winced. He started feeling pain again. Tré noticed and started feeling his own pain too.

Mike became worried, "What's wrong you guys? Who hurt you?"

"Uh... " Billie trailed off, not wanting to tell him the truth.

"Come on, you can tell me."

"It was- it was... " Billie couldn't bring himself to say it.

"It was you, Mike," Tré whispered.

Mike felt like he had just been punched hard in the stomach. "It was... m-me?"

"Yeah... "

"Oh God, what have I done? Oh God, I'm sorry you guys!" Mike said, starting to break down.

"Mike, we know it wasn't you. But could you just tell us what happened? Why you were acting like that?" Billie asked concerned.

Mike took a deep breath, "Lord Veldenbarr planned this all so that he could rule over both worlds. He gave me this magic potion thingy I think so that I would become a permanent vampire, would become evil, and could be controlled by him. But then I kinda gotta trapped within myself and I couldn't control what I did from there, and I'm guessing that's when I hurt you guys... " Mike trailed off.

"Awww, it's okay Mikey. We know you didn't mean it." Tré said, trying to cheer him up.

"Er, I hate to be the bearer of bad news," Billie cut in, "but you kinda told the vampires to start taking over our world so we kinda need to find a way to fix that and fast."

"Oh, um... Let me see if I can still do magic... " Mike told them. He thought and thought. No luck. "I don't think I can... " Then he remembered one of his dreams. "Wait a minute... I think I got something... grab hands." He held out his two hands and the two grabbed them. "Bur mokk bowdun tus mod wurltev."

There was the flash of light and they found themselves in Mike's room. All the vampires were back, ready to report to him.

They bowed when they saw Mike.

"My lord," a vampire said, stepping forward, "we brought back the ones we turned. They are still unconscious. Do you want us to continue?"

"No, I want you to go back to your world," Mike instructed him, "Bur tevak bowdun tus tevor wurltev."

All the vampires from the other world disappeared.

Mike, Billie, and Tré surveyed the remaining vampires, all lying on the ground asleep.

Billie broke the silence that had fallen, "What should we do with them?"

"I dunno," Mike said.

"Break out the garlic!" Tré rubbed his hands together.

"You can't be serious," Billie retorted, "That's not gonna work. It's too obvious."

"You have any better ideas?" Tré raised an eyebrow.

Billie sighed. They went into Mike's kitchen and got anything that had garlic in it before heading back out into the living room.

Tré opened some woman's mouth and stuck some garlic down into it.

Mike saw him. "Dude, you're gonna make her choke!"

"No she's not, look," Tré said, pointing down at her. She slowly opened her eyes and got up. She looked normal, although she looked completely confused.

"Oh my God," Billie muttered, "it's the end of the world. Tré was actually right."

"You're darn right I'm right," Tré boasted, looking all full of himself like he had just saved the day which he practically had really just did.

The woman cleared her throat. "Why am I here?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"There was this awesome party last night and you got drunk and we kissed and then you passed out from the awesome intensity of the kiss," Tré told her.

She looked disgusted before she left with her head in the air, indignant.

"One down, who know how many more to go," Tré said strangely happily.

"Joy," Billie muttered sarcastically.

*Half an hour later*

They had finally finished changing all the people back to normal and they didn't seem to have any memory of what had happened. The three members of Green Day were relaxing when something caught Mike's eye. It was the book. The book that had been blank when they had first found it. It was lying on the coffee table. He picked it up and opened. There were delicately formed letters that described their adventure or rather misadventure in Surtomb.

He showed the book to Billie and Tré. They agreed that he should keep it. Just in case. And they would keep it a secret. Their secret. Then they celebrated for doing a good job and Billie got in trouble with Adrienne for being gone so long without telling her. But it all worked out.

It was a happy ending.

'I've always liked happy endings,' Mike thought to himself, 'I just wonder if we'll be stuck with a sequel... '

The End