The Protectors

The members of Green Day are not just the members of Green Day. They are also part of a group of people call the Protectors who have been around for centuries. The Protectors were created to keep the balance between humans and creatures that were though to be made up. As the creatures start to get restless for some unknown reason, Green Day try to figure things out before absolute chaos breaks free and humans are overrun.
  1. The Intro
    Billie tells his story.
  2. Like a Splash of Cold Water on my Face...
    How Billie came to believe.
  3. I Wish I Was Crazy
    Mike wonders what's up with Billie and Billie wonders about himself too.
  4. Armstrong Gets in Trouble
    Somebody visits Billie who makes some enemies.
  5. An Unwanted Encounter
  6. That's What Friends Are For
  7. I Hate Fairies and Trolls
    Billie Joe deals with some fairy and troll issues before telling Tre about his job.
  8. The Sword
    While flipping through the book, Billie discovers something.
  9. The Fountain