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Lost Without Each Other


LorrieBeth is from Helena, Oklahoma. Population: 443

She has recently graduated from a local college where she majored in music. within the town that she lives, there are no desirable jobs available, so LorrieBeth decides to move to a bigger city in hopes of finding her dream job. She decides to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. What's in Tulsa? 3 Car Garage Records. It is owned and operated by those Mmmbopping boys from back in the '90's. Hanson is LorrieBeth's favorite band and as she goes in for her interview, she is both excited and nervous to meet them. The site of them overwhelms her. Taylor is sinfully beautiful.

During her time working at 3CG Records, LorrieBeth spends a lot of time with Hanson and their family. She becomes friends with them as well as their employee. But, when Taylor's marriage begins to go sour, he finds himself falling for LorrieBeth. Will she allow herself to love him back? or will they be forced to a lifetime apart, miserable, and lonely.... lost forever?