All You Need Is Love

This is about Gabrielle a woman with a past who works in a hotel. The Green Day guys come to stay at the hotel and she finds herself strangely drawn to one of them.

She really likes the guy but she knows she will have to confront her own fears about her past and also tell him what happened. Her father has a secret that he must tell her and her friend Beth needs Gabrielle's help, especially after she helped Gabrielle through HER troubled times.
  1. Arrival
    Three band members arrive at a hotel to take a well earned break from touring
  2. Checking them in and checking them out!
    Green Day check into the hotel and Gabrielle does the checking in
  3. Unlocking their doors
    The guys have trouble with their keys. Who better than Gabrielle to sort out the situation.
  4. In the swimming pool
    Gabrielle meets up with two of members of green day in the hotel pool
  5. The Elevator
    Gabrielle gets caught up in the elevator with one guy
  6. Dr Cool
    Gabrielle gets a surprised visitor while she is at home feeling under the weather
  7. Freckles, Dimples & Wine Gums
    Tre likes Gabby but he would also like her to open up to him.
  8. Night Out
    Gabrielle and her friend Beth and brother Stuart go out for a meal and someone else is there, but for how long?
  9. Missing him
    Gabrielle misses him but realism sinks in and she comes to terms that she'll probably never see him again
  10. Meg Calling
    Everything is fine until the song is played. How does Gabrielle react?
  11. Alone again...
    We find out a bit more about this Meg and how Gabby recovers after listening to 'the song' she hates so much...
  12. Together again
    Tre and Gabrielle are together in California, for how long?
  13. Washing Away The Pain
    Gabby flies home to some unwelcome news but Tre can't stay away from her for long
  14. A Day At A Time
    Tre has to leave again but finds that Meg has paid a visit while he was gone.
  15. Decisions
    Gabby makes a decision and so does Tre but do we find out what it is?
  16. Doing The Right Thing
    Tre makes a decision and something awful happens at the hotel
  17. The End