All You Need Is Love

Doing The Right Thing

From the reception area Beth could see her friend Gabrielle sitting in the bar with the old couple from America, she’d been sitting chatting with them for ages and she noticed how great her friend was looking just lately, even after the death of her father. It was as though the death of her father had released something in her, like it had given her a new lease of life.

It had been great that Gabrielle had been to the party and had seen Lily but Lily couldn’t stop asking her questions about Gabby and the little boy that she remembered, she’d asked to see some photographs which Beth had spent ages digging out.

Such a sad, sad time that had been but it looked as though Gabrielle was coming through it.

Beth glanced over once more at Gabrielle and realised something, she realised why she was looking so great at the moment.

Gabby’s in love, Beth thought.


Meg rolled over and watched the sleeping face of the guy lying next to her. At least she’d managed to get his name, Stuart. She’d slept with so many guys in the past; so many that she hadn’t even found out what half of them were called.

It was early evening and she’d spent most part of the afternoon at the swimming pool. She’d clocked this good-looking guy’s eyes on her and decided that she might be able to get some information from him.

He’d told her all about Gabrielle, more than he should have but now she knew everything. She’d found out that this Stuart went out with her, years ago, he’d told her the story of what happened to Gabrielle and the fact that Tre had been here and they’d spent loads of time together. Stuart thought he had been in with a chance with Gabby but had stopped pursuing her because Beth had told him that Gabrielle was only interested in Tre, to not even bother to try and get back with Gabrielle, as it wouldn’t work. She had been right; Stuart decided he’d look elsewhere.

Glancing across at Stuart, Meg couldn’t wait to be rid of him, there was only one man that she wanted to be laying next to and that was Tre.

Tre was her last chance.


“Dad, you’re doing the right thing here,” said Ramona. She’d hated seeing him like this, he was visibly shaken and upset and had hardly said a word to her. He’d told her what he’d like to do and she’d decided that yes, he was definitely about to do the right thing.


“Was that Jeremy you were talking to?” said Beth looking at Gabrielle.

“Yes, yes it was.” Said Gabrielle.

“He doesn’t let up does he? When will he ever stop talking about buying this place? Doesn’t he realise that you’ve put so much effort into it, built it back up from scratch?” Said Beth shaking her head and sorting through some post.

Gabrielle didn’t answer so Beth looked across at her; she’d gone pale and had her hand up at her neck. Her locket was missing.

“Gabrielle are you OK?” said Beth.

“I’m fine, I must have left my locket at home this morning,” she said.

“As long as you haven’t lost it,” Beth said busying herself once more.

“I’m sure I haven’t,” said Gabrielle and I’m also sure that I left it at Tre’s. I wonder if he has opened and taken a look at what’s inside?

“Oh I forgot to tell you, your old couple, Jan and John they were talking to me earlier about that other American guest that we’ve got staying here a Miss Russell I think her name is. Well, apparently she’s famous over there, she does some breakfast show or something,” said Beth.

“Oh, right. I didn’t realise when I checked her in last night, she was a bit over friendly, calling me Gabby I thought. She seemed okay though, lets hope she spends lots of her money,” said Gabrielle laughing at her friend.

“I’m meeting David tonight,” said Beth suddenly as she took her jacket off. Her shift was now over and she had been counting the hours until this moment when she was going home to soak in the bath and make herself look good for him.

“That’s great, where is he taking you?” said Gabrielle.

”It’s a surprise apparently,” said Beth grabbing her bag and definitely looking as though she was in a hurry to leave.

“Well you make sure you have a great time won’t you,” said Gabrielle as the phone rang.

“Oh look, it’s the famous American breakfast woman, I wonder what she wants?” said Gabrielle looking at the room number that came up on the screen. “Have a great time and say hello to David for me,” she said as she went to pick up the telephone.

“I will. Hey, I think Paul is coming to help out with the evening shift with you, its about time he worked at night to see what happens, here he comes now.” said Beth heading out of the door to the reception and nodding towards Paul.

“Hi Paul, you behave yourself for Gabby,” she said as she passed him by, “no skiving off half way through you shift.”

“I won’t Beth, I’m looking forward to working with Gabrielle this evening,” he said.

As he got to the desk Gabrielle was replacing the phone.

“The lady in room 411 has called me. She says she isn’t feeling too well so I’m going to check her out and see if she needs me to call a doctor, will you be OK for a while Paul?” said Gabrielle.

“I’ll be fine. I hope she’s OK,” said Paul but a little bit of him hoped she wasn’t, he liked it when there was some excitement round here.


“Dad I wish you’d eat something, a sandwich even,” said Ramona.

They were on the flight to England, Tre had insisted that what he wanted to say to Gabrielle he wanted to say in person and he’d asked Ramona to come with him so that he could spend some time with her too. She’d jumped at the chance and together they got on a flight to England but Ramona was concerned about him, he’d been extra quiet since that woman had dropped the brown envelope off and although she wasn’t surprised by his reaction she was surprised that he wanted to fly out, so it was the least she could do, come with him.

“I’m not hungry Ramona, I’ll get something later.” He said. His eyes were closed and his head was resting back against the headrest, obvious that he didn’t want to hold a conversation so Ramona got out her ipod from her bag and turned it up loud.


Paul was slightly worried. Gabrielle had been gone now for about forty-five minutes. He couldn’t remember the room number that she had said she was going to, something to do with the American woman. He looked up and saw a party of about twenty five people arrive so he knew that he couldn’t leave the desk now and anyway, he was sure that Gabrielle would be back any minute and if she wasn’t then once he’d checked this party in he would have a look on the computer to see what room she had gone to.


Paul was checking the last person in when he thought he could smell smoke. He sniffed again just to make sure.

“Smells like smoke,” said the guest that he was checking in. “Is it?” he asked Paul.

“Oh, perhaps its chef, may be he has burnt something,” said Paul then felt embarrassed for saying something like that. Chef was a good cook, he wouldn’t burn anything.

The guest just laughed, “Well we won’t be eating in your restaurant then,” he said jokingly.

The guests went off to the elevator but just as they reached it, the shrill sound of the fire alarm system ran through the foyer.

Paul immediately went into action and alerted the fire brigade, he went over to the guests to usher them out into the grounds of the hotel and watched as other members of staff ushered guests out from the restaurant, the bar and also the health centre. Some members were still in the robes and others who had just got out of the pool had these wraps around them, like silver foil to keep them warm.

Once outside he could see the looks of horror on the guests faces as they looked up at the hotel, thick plumes of black smoke were coming out of nearly the whole of the top floor, flames were licking along the roof and Paul wondered how this had started, he was also scared, he didn’t want to be in charge and it looked as though he was, because Gabrielle was nowhere to be seen.

He could hear the sound of the sirens as they approached, the noise getting louder and the organised fire fighters got into action.

He went up to one of them and spoke.

“My boss, Gabrielle, I can’t find her. She went upstairs about an hour ago and I haven’t seen her since,” he said.

“Its OK son, we’ll find her,” said the fireman and with that he started shouting at the crew who immediately got to work.


“What’s the hold up?” said Tre. They’d been in the taxi from the airport for ages. The nearer they’d got to the hotel the worse the traffic was. They were about a mile away and the traffic was just crawling along and Tre was getting frustrated.

“Not sure mate,” said the taxi driver. Looks as though there might have been an accident somewhere, it only takes a small accident you know and these country lanes soon get blocked.”

The traffic started moving, a little faster but still slow, they passed the pub that he and Gabrielle had a meal in and then he recognised the turn off that led down to the cottage where he’d spent that wonderful weekend with her.

”Oh that’s what the problem is,” said the taxi driver. “There’s a fire up at the hotel, the golf club hotel, right where you’re headed,” he said. “Do you want me to take you some place else? You might not get a room there tonight after all,” said the driver.

“Oh my god,” said Ramona who had been half asleep. “Gabby’s hotel, its not on fire is it?” she said straining her neck out into the dark night sky to see. Up ahead they could see the glow of the fire, the place was burning away.

Tre went quiet. “Look, I’m getting out and walking that last mile, I think it would be quicker,” he said getting a roll of notes out of his pocket and shoving them at the taxi driver, “come on Ramona, come with me.” He said.

”What…but Dad,” she said pleadingly.

”Just come,” he said sternly. She’d never seen him this angry before, her Dad never got angry. She did as she was told, said goodbye and thanks to the driver then tried to catch up with her Dad who was walking way ahead of her.


“Oh my god Paul,” said Beth as she came up beside him. Paul turned and saw Beth and her husband; they were both dressed up as if they were on their way somewhere.

“It all happened quick, Gabby went off to see that American woman as she’d told her she was ill and I checked in loads of guests and she didn’t come back. She hasn’t come out yet Beth,” said Paul and he burst into tears. Beth put her arms around him and led him away. Her and David were on their way out when the saw all the commotion and the fire, of course she had to come and see what it was all about and now Paul and told her that Gabby hadn’t appeared.

Suddenly a shout rang out, firemen emerged carrying a woman, they laid her on a stretcher, Beth couldn’t see properly but she was sure it was Gabby, quite sure of it as the paramedic got a blanket out and covered the woman in it, including her face.

“No!” shouted Beth and as she ran towards the ambulance she bumped into someone. It was Tre.

“Beth, please tell me that Gabrielle is OK,” he said his voice croaky his eyes wide and scared.

Beth looked over at the stretcher, Tre’s eyes following.