The Hidden Truth

Hating shots

It was another day of pacing in the small waiting room, sweating, shaking, and being in state of dreadful terror. The worst was part my new Master, Mirmo, was sitting calming in a chair, reminding me every five minutes to sit down and breathe. I would sit down for a few seconds before my nervous state drove me crazy and restless. I would stand up and find myself pacing again. What was causing me so much stress was getting my second vaccine shot in just a few short minutes.

“Karen, you may come in now”

My fear rose to a new record level when the healer announced that. Master Mirmo got up, put a hand on my back, and guided me to the examination room. I was told to take a seat on the examining table.

“Knight Mirmo, or should I say Master Mirmo, I just heard the great news about your new apprentice. Congrations. If you don’t mind, I wish to talk to you in private about a matter”

They stepped back out into the waiting room. I started wondering what was going on. Why couldn’t they hurry this up? I was in enough torture as it was. Privately, although I would never admit this, I was relieved that Master Mirmo had shown up when he heard the news.

He didn’t have an easy time finding the news out. He woke me up earlier in the morning to take a walk around the temple and out into the forest. I was half sleepwalking during the stroll. It wasn’t until the end of walk, did I remember the shot. Fear trickled in. My master did not seem to notice it until we sat down for the morning meal to eat a bowl full of nerf shaped corn flakes, or least I wanted to pretend the orange flakes were corn, floating in the strange blue milk. I could not be still and stared into my bowl. My master had to call my name several times before I woke up and heard him. He asked me what was wrong. I said I was just sleepy. He gave me a stern look that made me squirm even more than my fear was making me. I looked down at my bowl, keeping silent in the hopes he would drop the subject. He had all the patience in the world and a stare that could drive me crazy. I said I had to get a shot. He blinked and slightly titled his head. He asked me what was so bad about getting a shot. I couldn’t describe the fear I went through the last time. I told him I just didn’t like needles. He finally let that go and said no more on the topic. I was grateful for that respect. It was bad enough I had to spend half the day obsessively thinking about the pain to come. I didn’t need him digging through me, trying to understand my logic.

I was forced back into the present when the door opened again. The healer when to a tray on my left, to prepare the shot. Master Mirmo took a few steps closer to me. His presence seemed to smooth and calm my wreaked nerves. The healer turned to me and grabbed my arm. I fought not to fight to get it fear out of her grip, but she had a steady and strong hand. She dabbed my upper arm with a cold pad to sterilize the skin. That’s when the real panic set in. My breathing became rapid and shallow. By the Force, this was going to happen. This was going to hurt. I had to get away. I couldn’t go through this. The healer picked up the needle and started to go for my arm. I softly whimpered in fear, shaking like I was freezing cold. I turned my head away and held my breath. I could feel the sting of the metal penetrate my skin and push into tender muscle. My nerves rocketed screaming, senseless messages to my brain that my arm hurt. My brain, in response, froze my body, helpless to stop the pain. Finally, the needle withdrew from my skin. The healer placed the veil thing back on the tray and put a bandage on the small whole in my arm.

I jumped off the table and headed for the door. I just wanted to get out of the horrible room so badly I had no thought for manners. I heard Master Mirmo apologize for my quick departure and stopped me as I entered the hallway. He roughly grabbed my now sore left arm, causing me to cry out in pain, and looked at me severely. He reprimanded me for my rude behavior and failing to thank the healer. I gave him one quick look and sent my humbled glaze at the floor. I felt ashamed and hurt that I could not control myself. He let go of my arm and waited out my silence. I gathered my courage to look at him again and said I was sorry. I knew I should have waited to be dismissed. I let my impatience control me. He sighed and invited me to his room for stories.