The Hidden Truth

A Joke

A few days later all students were given a day off from classes. The teachers did this once a week, to give the students time to rest and have fun. I decided this would be a good day to stay in bed and catch up on my sleep. Unfortunately for me, my master did not share my idea. He came into my room, we had programmed the door to let him in without my permission. I heard him come in, but decided to stay put under my soft warm blanket, lying peacefully on my comfortable mattress.

“Time to get up, Karen. You can not spent the whole day in bed”

I kept my eyes shut, focused on keeping my breathing slow and steady, pretending to be asleep. I felt the twitch of my blanket, but somehow knew he had not touched my bed. He must have been using the Force.

“Come on, my forever sleeping apprentice. I don’t want you going into a coma”

I swallowed a smile and concreted on keeping very still. I wondered how could I keep this up. Suddenly, I felt a cold breeze on my legs, back, and arms. The blanket had been Force pulled off of me. Oh grrr. I hated being cold. I wanted to grab the blanket, throw it over my head and refuse to get up for that little mean trick.

“You’ve got three seconds to get up before I lift the mattress up and then dump you on the floor”

Was he serious?


He wouldn’t really do such a mean thing.


Oh, maybe he really would. Panic started to set in.


I felt the bed quiver and hastily scrambled off the bed and somehow landed face down on the thin carpet.

“Thank you. Now, get dressed. Do you have anything planned today?”

I shook my head. I asked him if I could go to his room and get some reading done for class. He raised his eyebrows at that and asked if I really wanted to spend my day off, doing homework. I said yes and meant it. I didn’t want to get behind. He gave me a slightly puzzled look and shrugged.

Twenty minutes later I was on another bed, Mirmo’s this time, curled up with a blanket covering my lower half, quietly reading in his room. Mirmo was on the other side of the small room, sitting in from of a computer, playing pazaak. He was mostly quiet except for the times when he would angrily curse underneath his breath. I could tell he was loosing tons of credits as the curses got more frequent and more vulgar. I looked up from my data pad when he yelled out a curse about sith mating Hutt and producing a Gamorrean child. I didn’t need to try to remember what a Gamorrean child was, to know my master had lost big time. I told my master to watch his tongue or he could end up cooking, something I found out he hated, for a month. He looked up and glared at me. I smiled, put down my data pad, got off the bed, and looked at his source. By the Force, he had lost severely. He was at minus three hundred and twenty points. Either my master didn’t know how to play, or he didn’t know when to stop. I shook my head and told my master to let me show him how it was done.

“Hmm, like you could do better than a master”

I said nothing, but knew I had played this game quite a few times and had an excellent winning rate. I looked to see who my master was play and to my surprise, I saw Master Skywalker. Oh my, I didn’t think the leader of the order had time to play such a silly game. Well, it didn’t matter. I needed to get my master out of debt. I thought up a plan so good, I could hardly wait. I asked my master to shield my presence from Master Skywalker. I got a strange look and was asked why. I told Mirmo we were going to have a bit of fun with Luke. My master shrugged and closed his eyes. I told my master he wouldn’t regret this.

I turned my attention back to the game. I thought for a minute of what to type.

<Me: back>
<Luke: are you sure you don’t want to stop?>
<Me: Sure I am>
<Luke: er…ok, but you don’t have a good record.>
<Me: So certain you are? Win I will. The Force is with me.>
<Luke: What’s with the impression of Master Yoda?>
<Me: See you will>

I giggled a bit, full of pride at my genius idea. My master gave me another weird look and I laughed at me. This was so much fun. As predicted, I won the game.

<Luke: Oh, sithspawn!>
<Me: Much anger in this one.>
<Luke: Ok, seriously Mirmo, what’s up with this?>
<Me: Clear your mind of questions. Quiet now be, at peace, and win you will>
<Luke: Master Yoda?>

I didn’t say anything, holding my breath, wondering what was going through his mind.

<Luke: Is this a joke? Yoda, is well, dead and I don’t think he could manifest to play of pazaak. Mirmo, how do you know this…quotes?>
<Me: Always with you it can’t be done. Hear you nothing that I say? Now play you will>

We played again. I was extremely careful to not take chances that the Force didn’t tell me where safe. I won again.

<Luke: I don’t believe it…>
<Me: That is why you fail>
<Luke: Master?....Master Yoda? Are you really there? I can’t feel you in the Force. How are you doing this?>

I had to pause. What would the green little Jedi say? My knowledge of the Force didn’t include anything about manifestating, not to mention how a spirit within the Force could type on a computer in real life. Maybe it was time to end the joke and reveal myself.

<Me: Ready are you?>
<Luke: I don’t understand, Master>
<Me: Yoda you seek, yet Yoda I am not>
<Luke: Who are you then? Mirmo?>
<Me: No>
<Luke: Obi Wan>
<Me: Still no>
<Luke: Then who?>
<Me: Seen me you have>
<Luke: Just tell me!>
<Me: The boy has no patience!>
<Luke: Tell me, please>

I stopped for a moment, giggling, unable to sit still. Oh was he in for a grand surprise. Another secret I kept was about to be revealed.

<Me: Karen Nightingstar>

There was a moment of silence. I knew what Luke Skywalker was thinking. How could I known what Yoda had said to him during his training. Was I in contact with the great Jedi and how.

<Me: I’ll turn this back to Master Mirmo>

I got up from the chair, leaving my Master to deal with a very confused Luke. I thought my little trick was too good, knowing later I would have to tell my story. That could wait.

“You know Karen, you just raised a lot of questions.”
I nodded, but said I needed to get back to studying. I grabbed my data pad and went to the door. Before I left, I told my master, his problem was he didn’t know when to stop playing. I walked back to my room with the biggest grin on my face. If Master Yoda really did exist somehow in the Force, he was probably grinning with me.