The Hidden Truth

Getting Revenge

Lyn got up very early that morning and woke up me. I have never been a morning person and when I opened the door, I greeted her with a big yawn and a grunt for “hello, good morning”.

“Hi, sleepy head. May I come in?”

I shuttled back to my bed and she stood there, clean, eager and far too awake for my liking. I heavily sat down, letting let legs go limp and slump my back. I pushed back a thought of throwing a pillow at her, demanding that she wiped that hyper grin off her face.

“I just overheard someone talk about a water blaster fight you and your master had. Did you all really spray everyone in the main chamber?”

I nodded slowly, eyes closed; really wishing I could go back to sleep, but knowing it was too late for that. I replayed the scene in my head, smiling at my craziness.

“How did that start?”

Gee this girl was full of questions. I told her how Master Mirmo squirted me in the face and led me on a chase. Lyn laughed at the idea.

“You’re not going to let that stand are you? You can’t just let him take surprise of you all the time!”

I yawned again, thinking how warm I had been. I tried to remember what dream I was having. I looked up and saw Lyn was still standing there, even more wild and happy as ever. I started to complain to her that it was too early and stopped. That was it. My master was still asleep. Oh, the thought was far too brilliant. My eyes shined with glee and my body trembled in excited of a fast forming plan. I went over to my refresher and grabbed my water blaster that Mirmo gave to me. I showed Lyn my gun and asked her where we could get another. She paused for a second, grabbed my hand and raced out of the room. We went to a part of the temple that I had never been in, but full of all sort of droids, gun, lightsabers, and weapons of all kinds. She went to the far hand corner and dug around in a bin. After several minutes she made a sound of success and tossed me another water gun. So, that is where Master Mirmo got them in the first place. We proceed back to my room and filled the guns up. I went over my plan with her making some suggestions and headed back out of my room.

When we got to the knight’s hall, we were careful to walk quietly and slowly. We each stood by the side of his door and she backed about ten steps away, or not immediately noticeable if you looked right out the door. I knocked three loud times and scurried back. We heard a soft grunt of Mirmo and then the footsteps to the door. I held my breath and tried hard to calm down. It would not do if he sensed my excitement. The door slide opened and it took all self control not to act. He seemed groggier than I was, and stood there for three seconds, not even looking. Could he move any slower? Finally he woke up enough to look around. Lyn and I gave a cry, aimed, and fired a strong blast of water at him for ten seconds before he backed into his room. We turned around and took the opposite sides of hallway, turning corners, and met back in my room. As we ran I heard, distantly and yet like he was right next to me, cursing us out, trying and failing to find his gun. I grinned, knowing we had won. We quickly dumped the guns and ran for the dinning hall where I knew my master could not dare enter with a water blaster.

As we sat down at one of the tables, it was too early for breakfast to be served; we talked about what we did and what went wrong. I got to the part of the story where Mirmo us out and couldn’t find his gun. Lyn slightly titled her head in confusion.

“He did? I didn’t hear that”

I repeated what he said to her and she still was confused, if not even more. I began to doubt myself and wondered if it was not my imagination.

“Don’t doubt it. I’m sure you heard it”

I asked her how I could hear it, but not her. She asked me what he sounded like. I told her it was strange. It was like he was at a distance, or his voice was distance, not clear of defined. At the same time, it felt like a feeling of his words, a suggestion of his thoughts. I shook my head and wondered if I was going crazy.

“You’re not crazy. You’re hearing him through telepathy. It’s a mind meld. You must have a strong bond with him to communicate like that. It’s very rare for the bond to grow so fast. Normally, it takes months for a master and apprentice to be that close. You two are special”

I tried to deny it. I was never special. I was a no one. I had always been a no one. I never did anything worth knowing. I might have powers, but powers didn’t make you famous, or rich like everyone thinks. If anything, powers that are not seemingly natural just make you weird and easy to ignore. Society doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary, even if these powers are nothing to fear. As for telepathy, it took me several tries to come to terms. I had some experience with the ability to communicate through the Force, but never on this scale. At best, I could send to a Force sensitive knowing person, a thought like a color, a number, or a shape and they would clearly receive it. Receiving wasn’t as easy, mostly because the sender was never that skilled. I wondered if Master Mirmo was aware of this bond and knew that he sent me that message. Maybe, he didn’t know we had a link together or that his thoughts were open to me.

“Try sending something to him”

I closed my eyes, relaxed myself by taking a few deep breaths, and cleared my mind. I opened and gathered the Force around me. I pictured him in my head, as clear as I could, and send a tendril of the Force to him. I felt the connection. I allowed myself to become him for a second to strengthen the bond. I felt something through the bond, like awareness in him. Through the connection, I felt him feel me out and the surprise he had. Wow, I could feel his emotions to the exact degree. This was amazing. I needed to send him a message, something simple and easy to understand. I thought about greeting him, but that would be too hard. Then I got this great idea. I pictured the water gun and send the image, while clearly thinking the word to him. I felt an emotional reaction from him, but no words. It was like trying to speak underwater. I could hear “sound”, but couldn’t make out the words. I gave up and opened my eyes.

“Did it work?”

I nodded in shock. It really did. This was truly amazing. I didn’t know really how it was done, the exact science of it all, or even how to teach it, but I still was incredibly happy. This was so great, I could hardly believe it. I had wanted to do this all my life and I had just done it. In the middle of my happiness, I couldn’t help, but notice the slight disappoint and sadness on Lyn’s face.