The Hidden Truth


My master looked so oblivious as to what was wrong with me. Couldn’t he see and sense the fear and turmoil in me? Wasn’t he worried about me? If he was, he kept a very straight, relaxed face.

“Is there something bothering you, Karen?”

I really didn’t want to talk about this and if my master didn’t know or didn’t care to bring it up, I would follow his lead. I shook my head, took a breath to wash away the panic and said I had forgotten to tell Lyn I was gone for the day. It was a blatant lie, but if my master knew I was lying, he withheld that information from me. He slowly sat up from his bed of grass, taking in the warm sun light and I sensed that he decided something. What that was, my telepathy didn’t tell me.

“Then come. We shall head back to your friend Lyn and let you do your studious studying”

The walk back was rough. He seemed to be testing my physical strength and endurance for he set a killing pace. We went uphill for what seemed to be forever and when I thought I could not draw another breath, we headed down hill. My muscles screamed mercy, but at least I could breathe. Sweat poured through my skin, soaking every inch of clothing I had on. I was a bit annoyed that I wasn’t given time to enjoy my surroundings, to study and note the wildlife around me. I reached out to the Force a couple of times, but I could not decipher the true meaning in the subtle language of the life energy around me. I really wished my master would just slow down and give me this opportunity. At, the same time, I was too shy to ask, worrying he would think I wanted the break because I was out of shape. I did not want him thinking I was horribly out of shape. We made it back to the temple of half the time it should have taken us. When we did finally stop at the old stone blocks that made up the temple, I was sore, tired, and panting.

“You are quite out of shape my apprentice. I think it’s time you were put in a harder physical exercising class”

I stared at him in horror.

“Oh, it won’t be that bad. It won’t hurt you to loose a few more pounds”

He poked me in the side when saying that, causing me to jump away and let out a slight giggle. He arched an eyebrow at my sudden movement.

“Hmm, you are ticklish”

Oh no no no. Oh, this was bad. This was a horrible weakness for him to find out. Oh, I was never going to live this down.

“So, what would happen-“

He poked me in the other side and I moved away.

“and here-“

Ekk! I took a few steps back and slightly growled at him. Silently, I was laughing at this game.

“Yes, my little fierce nexu”

I stopped growling at him and gave him a “I don’t know what a nexu is” look.

“Don’t you know what a nexu is?”

I told him no.

“It is a beast, one not to be messed around with, that is ten times your size. The nexu has long, sharp teeth along with huge claws, four legs with paws, and fur. The tail is longer then you. And you sound just like one”

I told him what a cat was, how they came in domestic and wild breeds and asked him if the creature was similar to a cat. He said yes. I asked if there were any nexus here in the jungle, but he said no. I told him, half jokingly that I would probably tame it until it was purring and nuzzling me. From the look in Mirmo’s eyes, I knew he didn’t believe me. I told him I am naturally good with animals and I have yet to come across a cat that couldn’t be tamed by me. I could also tell my master wasn’t going to believe till he saw me do it.

“Why don’t you get some food and feed your nexu like appetite.”

I asked him if he was coming. He always came, although I generally ate with Lyn.

“I’m afraid I have something to go do. I will leave you be for the rest of the evening”

Strange. I wondered what he had to do. He wasn’t usually starving like me, but he never skipped a meal. Well, an apprentice doesn’t question her master and I had to trust him to know what he was doing. Still, I wanted to know what was going on. I looked at him one last time, using all my abilities to look for a clue, but all I found a mental shield.

“It is not nice to go looking through other people’s mind Karen. Plus, you will not find anything. Go get your evening meal.”

With that, he turned to the opposite hall and walked away. There was nothing to do, but go to the dining hall.