The Hidden Truth


Vague dreams of swirling, misty, confusing feelings that were hazily fearful filled my mind that night after Mirmo had entered my mind. The dream content was nothing distinct and when I woke up, I could not remember what had caused me to break out into a sweat. I knew my sleep had been fitful and I had not gotten a good night’s of rest. My body ached and slow moving. I felt as if I was starting a cold, but when I sent the Force through my body, I sensed nothing that would confirm this. I got dressed and sat sleepily at the computer, waiting for Master Mirmo to come for the morning meal.

“Karen, are you ok? You look pale”

I told him I was alright, slightly blushing at him noticing my strange condition. He put a hand on my forehead and rested it there for several seconds before withdrawing it. He studied me deeply before he moved out of the door frame.

“You look as if you did not sleep well. Is that true?”

I paused both in walk and in thought. I wasn’t sure what had happened last night. I knew something wrong happened during my dreams, but the details escaped me. I told him no. He was not assured by this. We got our food and sat down to eat. I found I didn’t want much. I nibbled at my food and sipped my drink without my normal hunger.

“Maybe you should go to the medbay”

I told him that wasn’t necessary. I would be fine. I forced myself to look at him, grinning, trying to act more awake then I felt.

“Ok, but if you still look like this at my class, you will go straight there”

Unfortunately, that is happened to me. Every single teacher and many of the students noticed my sickly look. My exercising teacher asked me in the middle of the class if I would not like to go to the medbay. I politely told her I was fine. I could tell that I had not convinced her. During my Force class, the teacher who didn’t seem to like me, told me to go the clinic because I could not concentrate enough for her. I stopped myself from glaring at her, but left her class without a word. She had a way to ruin any fun a person could have feeling and using the Force. I refused to admit there was something wrong with me, so I went to my room, skipping the mid day meal, and didn’t come out until it was time for the meditation class. I looked in a mirror, seeing a pale, slightly haunted young woman staring back. I feared that my master would see this, so when waiting outside of his class, I made sure I was in the middle of a busy group, quieting my mind and presence in the Force, hoping not to attract attention to myself. I breathed a thanks to the Force when two students came up to Mirmo, asking a question about the last class. Master Mirmo did not notice me slipping into the class and sat behind the group. We were given a small talk about trancing and how that could be achieved starting with a meditation. Tranicng, it turned out, could be used for various things, but for the class use, we were to do the meditation part of it. We broke up and got to work. I choose a different place to sit instead of my customary corner in the hopes of throwing Mirmo off. It didn’t work.

“You still look terrible. If anything, you look worse”

I opened my eyes and felt his hand touch my forehead again. I felt him touch my mind and body with the Force. I tried to tell him I was alright. He interrupted me, talking in a very low voice to not distract the other students.

“Strange, the Force says otherwise and the Force does not lie, my apprentice. Now, you can quietly go to the medbay to receive a health check on your own, or I can stop this class so I can take you there myself”

This wasn’t fair! I was just tired. There was nothing else. Why did everyone have to insist there was something else? Oh I didn’t want either of those choices, but I knew I had no third option. A sigh left my mouth as I told him I would go on my own.

“Good. Make sure you get there and not somehow to your room. When I am done with the class is over I will come by to check on you”

I got up slowly, trying not to show the aches I felt in my bones. I quietly walked pass my fellow students and to the medbay.

“Oh you. You’re…Karen right? Well, what is wrong with you?”

The healer on duty did not look too pleased to see me again. Her critical eye scanned me from head to toe. I meekly explained to her that my master sent me here for a health check.

“ Hmm you do look rather pale. Any idea on why your master would ask this?”

I shook my head. I didn’t want to tell her about last night or the previous day.

“Well then, go lie down on that bed as I get some things”

I lay down on the table she pointed to, nervously twitching. She came over with a scanner in hand. She pressed a few buttons and pointed the machine at me. I briefly closed my eyes. I opened them suddenly when I felt the Force touch me.

“Relax. I am just searching through you with the Force”

Relaxing was not an easy for me to do, but I tried to do as asked. She gentle touched my face, peering into my eyes.

“Have you been feeling tired lately?”

I thought about it and came to the realization; yes I had been more tired than usual. In fact a week after I came to the temple, I seemed to have lost my hyper bounciness. I thought the calm and silence of the build was responsible to for this.

“Do you problems getting to sleep or falling back to sleep if you wake up in the night?”

Yes. Even at home, it could take me hours to shut off my mind and force myself to sleep.

“How long has this acme been like this?”

I blushed, highly aware how bad it had gotten. A lot of soap had helped it some, but it was still pretty bad. I always had bad acme problems and it seemed it get really bad if I got overly stressed. I was very grateful my master chose to ignore it. I told her a date which was about a week ago.

“Hmm, well I would like to rest here for a few hours”

I said nothing, but internally I didn’t want to be here. I would sleep better in my room.
For an hour, I tossed and turned, unable to relax in the strange white cleanliness of the medical room. I was just turned over again when the healer came in.

“Can’t sleep?”

I wearily told her no. I got the courage to ask if I could go back to my room to rest.

“I am afraid I need to keep you here for observation for a few more hours. If you want, I can give you something to help you sleep”

Something meant getting a shot, but I was starting to get desperate for rest and agreed to it. I turned my head and closed my eyes as she injected some drug into me. She put a blanket over and waited for sleep to claim.