The Hidden Truth

Stress management

“Hello Master healer, how are you?”

“Oh, hello Master Mirmo. I’m good. Here to check up on your apprentice?”

“Yes, how is she?”

“Sleeping right now. If you want, I can wake her up”

“No, that will not be necessary. I came in to see what the matter with her was. She did not look well and the Force indicated something else, but she denied feeling ill”

“Yes, she said she was just tired, but a few simple scans show more”

“Is she sick?”
“No, not exactly. Her body is being pushed too far and straining. After questioning her, I found she has a mild case of insomnia, but even that should not be causing this decline in her health”

“So what is wrong with her?”

“I think, although without more tests and question I can not be sure, she is suffering from stress”

“Stress, huh?”

“Yes. Has she been eating very little or stuffing herself? Do you catch her always snacking on something?”

“She does like to eat big meals”

“That could be one sign. Those who are suffering from stress have strange eating patterns. Her acme is another sign”

“I thought it was just her age that was causing it. I had some pretty bad face problems during my teenager years”

“It’s common during the adolescent, but it should be clearing up, not getting worse. Breakouts like her is another sign she is straining”

“Ok, I get your point. Now that I think about it, I think I can spot more signs. She is stressed. What is your recommendation on how to help her?”

“I am not her master, and it would help if I knew what was causing this. I suggest you try to get her to talk her problems and try to relax her as much as possible. See if you can get her to relax before she goes to sleep”

“That I can do. Do you think I could wake her up? Would it be wiser to let her sleep the drug off?”

“It might be best to be there when she wakes up”

Footsteps came to my room. I had woken up minutes before Mirmo came in. Through squinted eyes, I saw the door open. The drug still clouded my mind and kept my body completely still. I faintly heard my master sit down by side me. A sigh came from him. Pain and self guilt stabbed me. I should have seen these signs and realized what they meant. This was not the first time I had experienced them. Stress was a problem I battled constantly around my parents. I knew ways to keep the stress down, but it was hard to remember to do them. I told my master I was sorry. At least, that is what I meant. The medicine slurred my words.

“Karen? I didn’t realize you were awake. Shh. Just be quiet for a while”

I was determined to apologize to him. I bullied my thick mind to focus on our link and sent through emotions a wave of apology.

“There is nothing to apology for my apprentice. If anything, I should apology to you. I did not think what sending you to the past could do to you”

My master had this all wrong. This was a war I had been fighting for a long time. I managed to force out the word “no” to him.

“I do not understand. No what? Last night was very stressful and is what caused you to fall ill”

Oh grr. Anger and frustration at my inability to clearly to communicate to him, flared through me.

“Do not be angry. That will only cause more stress. The healer wants to you relax. Breathe slowly”

I began to wonder who the thick minded one here was. A half sigh got out of me.

“That is right. Deep breaths. Breath out the anger and breathe in peace”

I did as he asked. The healer came in and looked at me.

“Aside from the effects of the drug, I think she will be fine. She should rest tonight and not do anything to excite herself”

My master thanked her and helped me out off the bed, out of the room, and to my room. He carefully lowered me to my mattress. My mind was slowly gaining control and my fiery spirit rose.

“So, how can I get you to sleep better?”

I told him I wasn’t five. I could go to sleep on my own.

“Yet, the healer thinks otherwise. Would you like to hear a story?”

I told him I wanted him to leave me alone.

“Nope, I can not do that until you are asleep. I know, a good soft calming song should help empty your mind”

Oh no no no.

“Come stop your cry, it will be alright”

EWWWWWW! AHHHH! My master could not sing at all. He was so off key it was torture to my ears.

“Just take my hand and hold it tight”

I begged my master to stop. I grabbed my pillow and covered my ears.

“I will protect from all around you”

I threatened my master if he did not stop.

“I will be here, don’t you cry”

That was it! I smacked my master with the pillow. He stopped singing in a moment of surprise. I held my breath, wondering if he was mad at me.

“Oh, so you think you can get away that?”

He grabbed my other pillow and hit me on my left side with the pillow. I thwacked him with my pillow and stood up to gain advantage of height. He was going to smack my legs when I intercepted with my pillow. We began to fight each other as if this was a lightsaber fight, only with pillows. Our fight traveled us away from my bed and out into the hallway. We only stopped with Luke Skywalker walked in on our fight.

“Master Mirmo!”

We both looked up, panting.

“Is this your idea on how to put your apprentice to sleep?”

I could tell Luke was trying very hard not to betray a smile while saying this. Mirmo looked at me with my eyes shining and my body trembling in excitement.

“Well, Master Sykwalker, I think my idea will work out just fine”

“I fail to understand how exciting her will get her to sleep”

I felt through our bond, Mirmo hint to me something he wanted to do. I nodded through the Force.

“That is because you-“

At that moment my master raised his pillow and I was half a second behind him. Together, we attacked Luke with our pillows. It was clear that Luke had earned his master title very much by kicking my master out of the way and grabbing my pillow, twisted it out of my hands, and Force pushed me. This all took about three seconds to accomplished, leaving me shocked.

Mirmo recovered quickly to grab his pillow and attack Luke. The two Jedi tore into each other, using pillows, neither of them able to knock the other person out. They seemed to be able to predict the other person’s moves and dodge them, while coming back with their own attack. The fight was spectacular. I had never seen my master fight anyone and the show he was giving was inspiring. Eventually, they resorted to using the Force and less of the pillows. I watched in pure amazement as Mirmo was pushed hard with the Force, slamming into the wall and falling silent. His pillow went sailing and I managed to catch it. I was standing uncertain when Master Skywalker turned on me.

“You could surrender for him”

I grinned, knowing I was no match, and told him not a chance. With a cry, I attacked Luke, using every ounce of strength, skill, and speed. I ignored his hard smacks, calling on the Force to help me out. I avoided many of the attacks, but only the soft ones. A pillow was slammed into my gut and I fell to my knees, trying to remember how to breathe.

“We surrender. I think I’ve worn her out enough”

True to his words I unconsciously let out a loud yawn. Mirmo was slowly standing up.

“Ok Karen, get into bed and stay there”

I did not want to glare in front of Master Skywalker, but did look at my master pointly. I went into my room, changed for sleep, opened my door to tell my master good night and left the door slightly jarred to hear what the two Jedi were talking about.

“She’s rather stressed. The healer wants her to get better nights of sleep. So- will you hold on one second? Karen, you have five seconds to get into bed, lay still, eyes closed, and pretend that you were asleep the whole time”

I raced, somehow managed to do all that and kept a straight face when I heard the door slide open.