The Hidden Truth

Son of a-

I tried to swallow, but with a dry mouth there was nothing to swallow. My eyes darted around the room, to the floor, to Luke’s face, back down to the floor, over the walls, and finally to the bookcase, where the sane laid. Curious, I asked Luke if that cane really once belonged to Master Yoda.

“Yes…but that will not get you out of answering my question. How did you know him? He died before you were born”

Again my eyes roamed the room. I couldn’t answer that question truthfully and I had just been given a lecture on Jedi honesty. To give the true answer may ruin carefully laid out plans of fate and future. Besides, I wasn’t sure if I had the permission of certain individuals to honestly answer. Instead, I told Master Skywalker that while he had my complete respect, I could not answer at this time. I involuntary tried to swallow again, still with no success. I silently prayed that Luke would respect my wish and not pry further into forbidden grounds.

Luke, with his intense blue eyes, searched me much like he did during the council meeting. I vaguely felt his presence brush against my conscious. I mentally stiffened, trying desperately to resist the urge to throw him out. Seconds, or possibly hours pasted before he withdrew from my mind. What had he seen? Did he discover my secret? I searched his face, calling upon all Force abilities to help, but he hid himself well. There was nothing I could say, nothing I could do. It was all up to him.

“That is all. You may go now if you nothing else to say”

So it was done. He did not seem angry or happy, but possibly a bit disappointed. A twinge of guilt shot through my heart. It was hardly fair for me. It wasn’t like I had a choice in this. I wanted to tell Luke of my grand, glorious secret. It was a secret that brought boundless wonder, excitement, and joy, but without permission, I could not tell him. When Luke could be finally told, I was sure he would understand my reasons for withholding this information from him.

I wondered the halls, slowly in the direction of my room. I had no real plan as to what to do. I was moody, in a foul mood and terribly anti social. I discovered I was brooding again, something Master Mirmo was heavily against. I sighed, remembering why I even came to Luke. Mirmo would be happy, I would not. He now had complete right to do whatever he wanted with me. I shuttered at that thought. No being should have control over another like that. It makes it too easy to abuse the right. That is what happened back with my parents. They felt they had the complete right to do anything they wanted with me, no matter what it did to me. I could only hope my master understood the power and responsibility he held in his hands. Perhaps, if I just did as my master asked, all of this would get over as quickly as possible, saving my ego and pride. Of course, that went against my basic belief of life. I lived a life of rebellion, always looking for a way around the rules, without getting caught. I fought for a life of freedom, of choice, and the right to enjoy myself. To give in, to do as order, to obey the rules, would mean to give up what was rightfully mine. How could I know if I obeyed Master Mirmo’s orders, I wouldn’t loose that freedom? The question tore at my heart, tearing me in pieces.

“Hello Karen”

Curses filled my head. Why did he always just have to appear when I was thinking about it? Oh this stupid link. It ruins any privacy a girl might want.

“So, what did Master Skywalker have to say?”

Oh, that son of a sith who is related to Jabba the Hutt’s cousin who-

“Careful, my dirt mind apprentice. I hear the mop calling your name”

Shot and ate his mother and was proud enough to brag to the entire galaxy.

“You must really like the smell of the floor cleaner”

Ok, so cursing him out wouldn’t help the situation, although it did fitful my angry need to vent. I told him that Skywalker requested that I do as ordered.

“I thought so”

A smirk was on the edge of his mouth. I knew he was dying to tell me “I told you so”, but he held back. I poked him in the ribs, just out of spite.

“Hey, what was that for?”

I smiled sweetly and told him he wasn’t the only one that could read minds and emotions. We ended up chasing each other, poking when we got a chance, down the hall and into my room.