The Hidden Truth

The knighting of Mirmo

“What would you like to know about me?”

I thought for a moment and sniffed my still stuffy nose. I more or less knew how Mirmo became a Jedi, but I didn’t know what he did as a Jedi for twelve years or even why he didn’t take an apprentice for so long. I told him I wanted to know what it was like to get knighted.

“Well, it was not as grand as you would think. I was in Luke’s second class that he ever taught. The first class was made up of all the masters you see now such as Kyp Durron, Corran Honrn, but he was known as Keiran halcyon back then, Mara Jade, Tionne, Kam Solusar , Kirana Ti, Streen to name a few. Luke increased the second class to twenty and I think spent a bit more time on us. I was told by the older students, we were lucky in that Luke was not making all the mistakes he had with the first group. I privately thought Luke was making plenty of mistakes, seeing how he felt more adventurous with trying out new training techniques. Still, the time we were promoted knights, we knew as much as the first class did.

Luke gathered all of us one day and looked at us each in the eye, studying our soul and power of the Force within us before announcing we were knighted by the power of the Force. It was such a quiet, solemn moment for each one of us. No one expected for this to happened that day, but we all knew in our hearts we were Jedi without a doubt. We were then asked how we would serve the galaxy as the duty of the Jedi is. A few has special talent in healing and had come in handy with all the lightsaber burns we received in practice. One decided to stay and continue to heal and teach at the academy. The other healers said they would use their talents on their planets. Some people wanted to go back to their home planet to look for more candidates for the order. Others wanted to go out and help fight the lingering battles of the New Republic against the old, losing Empire. I was still thinking when Luke turned to ask me. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Luke suggested that I go back to my home planet and see what help I could offer to the government. I agreed to his idea and made ready that same day.

I flew back to my home town to find it had not changed much. The stores were still there, the people still did the same activities, my aging parents still could barely pay the bills, yet everything seemed different. The usual talk seemed bland and quite ignorant of the truth. The people will ruder than ever, not caring if they drove away business. The buildings had a shabbier look, and I notice how poor some of the people really were. What I later came to realize it was not the town or the people that had changed, but myself. My time among the Jedi had broaden my knowledge of the galaxy. Things that I had been taught were proven wrong. I learned I had a very narrow view of the galaxy. I assumed everyone should shun me out and not bother to look at me. I expected very little conversation, or if there was, it would be nasty gossip. I realized this was how life worked in my town. This realization was more prominent when I came back to my town.

I had hoped that I could raise some awareness and support for the new Jedi order in my town, but that was a short lasting hope. The people grew more distant from me then when I first lived there. Even the bullies, who use to beat me up for fun, would not dare to approach me. They all feared me and what I stood for. By listening in a dark corner of many pubs, I learned they all feared me because of what the Emperor had done to the Jedi reputation. It seemed that the Emperor worked long and hard to show the old order in a horrible light, saying they stole young Jedi to train them as killers, making the young Jedi think they were protectors of the galaxy. The Emperor used this excuse to encourage the population to turn in any Jedi or families of Jedi the people knew of. In order to bring back the Jedi into the life of the galaxy, I knew I would first have to prove this image wrong by being an example, the true example of what a Jedi is.

My work was excruciatingly slow with many annoying set backs. I decided to show the people the Jedi were the protector of justice and peace by helping out the law enforcers. I could easily stop a thief, but when the police came to the scene, I was pushed away, without any credit or even a simple thank you, and told to mind my own business. I tracked murders and mysteries, but when I got close to solving or finding the guy that did it, the police strongly encouraged me to stop, before I was put in jail. The people of the town seemed to side with the police, reinforcing the negative idea of the Jedi. I had nearly lost all hope when a year went by and I still received glares or calls from people on the street. The money Luke gave me to get started was running low, and I was quite tempted to hire myself as a person bodyguard, but a Jedi does not get paid with credits for his work and I knew this all too well. I was running out of ideas of how to restore faith in the Jedi, when I spotted an old lady shouting angrily and waving her arms in the direction of a young man, zipping through the crowd, holding a black bag under his arm. I knew if I caught him, I would only be chided by the lady for interfering, but my Jedi sense would not let me ignore this call for help. I ran, using the Force to slow the man and cause him to trip, and pinned him to the ground. I bounded his hands and feet before returning to the old lady with her bag. I handed her the bag and turned around, about to quickly walk away from the scene before the police could find out what had happened. I felt a strong hand on my arm, stopping me from taking another step. I looked up to see the lady holding onto my arm, and tugging me closer to quietly say something to me that would change my life.

“Thank you, my young friend. It is good to see a fellow Jedi trying to restore order in a world of chaos”