The Hidden Truth

The Story Behind the Story

Many of you have asked me a ton of questions relating to the story and I would like to answer them once and for all. So here I go. I hope you find this interesting.

1. Will there be a sequel to this story?

Possibly. I have thought up another story, being her first mission ever, but I’m not sure if I want to write it or not. I need a break from the story and from all this writing.

2. Did you have this all planned out or did you make it up as you went along?

It’s half and half. I knew how I wanted her to meet Mirmo. I knew I wanted Mirmo to help her through her nightmares and fears. I wanted her to learn about the Force and lightsaber skills. I knew I wanted her to face down her fears and I knew about the letter at the end. The rest of it came to me either as I was writing it or during walks or at night when laying in bed.

3. Will you publish this?

This version of the story can’t be published. George Lucas and Lucas Films won’t accept fan fiction. Also being an unknown writer wouldn’t help my chances. The only way I could publish this is to take out anything related to star wars and change it. That means words like: Force, Luke Skywalkers, lightsaber, Jedi, Yarvin 4 and so on would have to be changed to something else. Third, this story badly needs the atom bomb of grammar dropped on it. I’m not sure if I could even get through editing this story just for grammar. There are a lot of things I would like to redo like the first council scene, length dialog, put more detail in at the beginning, completely rewrite the first chapter, and so on.

4. Why were the chapters so short?

Well I did that to keep the readers interested. I’ve found that readers can usually read 1000-2000 words and the shorter the chapter is, the more likely you can get new readers to read. I tried very hard to average out about 1000 words per the chapter. If I ever went back and edited the story, I would combine chapters and get rid of the many cliff hangers I tortured you all with.

5. How much of this story relates to you?

Honestly, a lot. Most everything was taken or inspired by something that had happened in my life. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Her trouble of adapting to the school:
That was taken from my first month of college. I pretty much had no friends, scared, lonely, emotional unstable, homesick, and having trouble dealing with my past.

Class behavior:
That was me pointing out how rude a lot of students are to their teachers. I was completely grossed out and left severely disappointed with my class in high school because we had no respect for the teacher. We would never shut up. We never did the homework. We barely passed any of the tests, which were already dumbed down. The teachers didn’t even try to get us to think. We were spoon fed everything, which annoyed the heck out of me. I spent much of my time bored

The first council scene:
Lol…oh boy there’s an interesting story. Basically read my astral project logs and you’ll have a laugh. But honestly, I have always, and probably continue to have this fear of being made to be in a scene like the council in the Old Order. The thought of all those minds seeing through me gives me a bad case of the shivers.

The nightmares:
Yes I do suffer from nightmares. My last year in high school was overrun with countless horrible nightmares. I did dream of my father, though not quite the way the story goes, and I did have a lot of fear issues due to those dreams. I also had the bad habit of not telling anyone close to me about them, which made the fear worse, which lead to even more nightmares a night. When I finally got to college, the dreams stopped.

The two flashback memories sessions:
This may come as a shock, but those eight memories are real. They really did happen to me, that same exact way. Yes I live with an abuse, angry father and a helpless, hopeless mom. Those two chapters were the worst by far to write. The second one had me crying at the end of writing it. Yes, I have gone and gotten help. I have really gotten past a lot of the fear and anger, but I still struggle with my past and probably will for many years to come.

Lol, yes I really hate shots and about act that way too.

The telekinesis class:
Yes, if you basically follow that with a bit more information, you can really do tk, as can I. I do not lie about that.

You’ve notice how much I go into nature. I love life. I love the woods. I love walking around, feeling the Force, and being part of natural life. I really am anti social and walking through woods is usually how I withstand most people.

Yep, I love to draw and have taught a few private lessons on how to draw. I do love to do horses and have an art site if you’re interested.

Running away:
Would have I done that in real life? The answer is yes. It’s shameful to say, but when under that much stress and depression, I tend to do crazy stuff and usually just want to get outside and away from the world.

Ok, I confess I deeply and dearly love the little green dude. I’m not totally sure why, but I loved him since ep 5, before ep 1,2,3 came out. If I must be cornered into venturing a guess, I think it’s because he’s so deep and complex, yet there is little revealed about him. This is a guy that understands the world like no other. This is a guy that can understand anyone, including myself. He’s my role model and just plain an awesome guy that I wish were real and I wish I could have a chat with sometime. I also tend to day dream myself being in Luke’s place and trying to convince him to train me. So the idea of him refusing me would be a nightmare.

The crying child:
I have once meditated and did find myself in the image of a crying child and once I had taken care of that child a lot of my fears went away. So that was taken from real life.

Astral Projection:
All I can say is read my articles. I won’t even try to explain it here.

6. Where did this story come from?

A day dream. Half of this story was daydreamed in about the same amount of detail before I even thought about writing it. I thought people might be interested in knowing what I daydream.

7. Why did you write it other than people might be interested?

Well, Jedism is very important to me and it’s hard for me to write about Jedism in article form. I thought presenting the ideas of Jedism might be easier and it was. Also I meant to show people myself and my past. I feel that people aren’t aware of what abused children go through and if they knew more about it, they would try to help the child out. Please note that while kids are more likely to get abused, both my sister and I suffered only as teenagers. Keep that in mind when you see the signs of teenagers being tightly controlled by their parents, having few friends, seeming stressed and anti social, having poor grades and face problems. These abused people generally won’t admit they are being abused, or if they do, they won’t get help. Do not force help on them, but offer them a place to stay if things at home get bad. Trust me, that was one of the nicest things a friend’s mom did for me.