He'll Be the Death of Me, I Swear

I won't Leave you, I Swear

He lunged at Landyn and I just stood there, not believing what was happening. My human eyes couldn't seem to follow as they fought like lightning. I did see someone I didn't expect to see: Jacob. He sneaked up behind the guy and threw himself at him, pouncing and pinning him to the ground. He snarled in his face and clawed as he tried to get free. Landyn sat still as Jacob did what he was good at: killing his natural enemy.

Jacob reached in with his claws and ripped his throat out. I honestly had no idea someone could be in so much agony. I had to turn away: the blood was all too much. Landyn walked over to me, checking to make sure I was okay. Jacob seemed happy as he practically skipped up to me, drenched in blood.

"Oh, you reek!" I yelled, turning to Landyn.

"I think it smells like victory," he mumbled, backing away. Landyn was standing so still.

"Is something wrong, Landyn?" I asked, holding him.

"Yes, Danica. There is." He removed my hold on him and backed away. "Jacob is strong enough to take care of you, Danica, and I know that. I love you so much, but please understand. I'm going to make this decision for you, but I promise I'll never leave you. And please keep it."

He started walking away as I stared, tearing apart inside. Keep what? I ran after him, but he vanished. If he was gone, how could he still be with me?

"Danica, I'm sorry," Jacob mumbled. "I really am."

"Why? You just won," I sobbed.

"But you're hurt. I hate seeing you like this. But you know I love you. And we will keep it, in his memory."

"Keep what?"

"The baby. I thought he told you."

"What baby! I thought vampires couldn't have kids!"

"Yes, they can. And we're having it. I know he'll be a bit vampire-ish, but Landyn deserves this much. He was a good friend before I phased. We were tight, and I know he's a good guy even if he's damned."

I smiled and grabbed hold of Jacob's hand as we walked home.

"But you really do stink," I told him.

When we got home, I was more than depressed. Landyn really was gone, and I was going to have his baby without him. Jacob was sleeping soundly beside me, so I tried to get to sleep.

"Danica, I promise I won't ever leave you," Landyn told me, walking up.

"What? Where are we? How are you here?" I asked, hugging him.

"I'm not leaving you. This way, you can still be with me, but you can be with your Jacob. And look who I've got." He was holding a baby boy suddenly.

"Who is that?" I asked, looking into his icy eyes.

"That's whoever we name him. Danica, it's a boy," he smirked.

"Well, next time you're using rubber!" I complained.

"Oh, and there will be a next time, trust me. Dream sex is a good kind!"

"I love you," I told him.

"I love you, too. It worked out, huh?"

"Yeah, but I miss you."

"I'll stop by."

"But isn't that cheating on Jacob?"

"I'm sure he knows that I'm not gone. He's a good guy, despite being a mutt." He grinned.

I shot awake in the dead of night to see Jacob smiling at me.

"Pleasant dreams, huh?" Jacob asked, but he didn't seem mad. "You talk in your sleep. I've gotta say, I don't like it all, but I understand that you still like him. I love you so much."

"I know, Jakey. I love you, too. Living two lives is hard," I told him.

"But is it worth it?"

I didn't need to think for my answer. It was way worth it. It was a bit strange, but it was better than choosing between them.

"I think I'll name our baby boy Riku," I announced suddenly. Jacob sighed playfully before pulling me back into his arms. I drifted back to Landyn. A girl could get used to this...


P.S. This ending seemed to be the only one that would make everyone happy.