Where's the Heart?

Bitchy Blood

I ran out of that building as soon as the clock struck nine. I hated all of them so fucking much!

I tried to even my breathing as I put my car in drive. I have to say, that had to be the worst day of work ever for me. They all freaking ganged up on me and tried to get me fired. What was their problem, anyway?

I did not want to be in Edwin's presence at all tonight, which was kind of strange considering my human emotions. Maybe if I was lucky he'd be in my room and I could sleep on the couch to avoid him. I didn't want him to see me crying. That just wasn't an attractive thing, was it? Well, I'm bipolar so what's your excuse?

I closed my car door as quietly as possible and walked into my house. I swept the tears from my eyes and took a few deep breaths before walking into the kitchen. Edwin was waiting for me, as usual. Normally that would make my day, but today...

"Welcome back, Jade," Edwin said quickly.

"Yeah," I managed, drinking some water.

Today, not so much.

"So...Something up?" he asked, cautious.

"Nope," I muttered. It would take too much energy and confidence to act like my normal self.

"What is wrong?" Edwin asked, literally getting all up in my face. Now normal I would have cracked a joke like "Boyy, get out my grills!" but I was just utterly drained.

"Nothing, okay?" I yelled, pushing him away. I walked into the living room, begging him to not follow, but he did anyway.

"No, it's not okay! Don't you dare push me ever again! Got it?" he yelled, grabbing my wrist and twirling me around to face him.

"Whatever," I sighed, looking at my feet and blinking furiously to keep the tears at bay.

"Jade! Don't act as though you are better than me! You belong to me! What is wrong?!" He had officially lost his cool for the first time in...well, ever. What an accomplishment for me! I pissed off a vampire. Wow, that makes me sound more stupid than amazing. Hmm.

Either way, I couldn't take it anymore, nor could I continue this. The tears finally escaped from my eyelids and my breaths became raspy and short as I gasped for air, trying not to sob. Edwin looked either confused or scared. Maybe both, but more confused.

"I hate them all!" I broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. "I want them to just die! Why do they hate me so much? What did I fucking do to them?!" I cried, throwing my arm's around Edwin's neck so I could cry into his shirt, not wanting him to see me so...pathetic and vulnerable. The only thing I felt bad for was ruining his shirt with my salt water tears. I'd apologize later, I guess.

"Jade, it is all okay," he told me, and I felt his arms go around me. That made my heart race and normally would have made me literally jump for joy and make him stare at me like I had gone insane, but now...I was just so fed up with life! No one could make it better, not even Edwin.

"No, it's not! I don't want to deal with them anymore! They keep trying to get me fired: blaming me for everything!" I wept. Edwin pulled away. "Where are you going?" Come on, I was desperate.

"I'm hungry. Extremely hungry. And I think I'm in the mood for some bitch." I caught the smirk on his face before he left.

"Thank you, Edwin," I whispered after him. "Thank you so much."

Okay, so maybe Edwin was the one person who could make it better.