Where's the Heart?

The Java Hut: Take One

It was around eight o' clock and I was standing in front of my mirror, putting on make-up. I didn't go outside without it on!

"We're just going to a coffee shop," Edwin informed me, watching me as I traced my eyes with eyeliner.

"I know. But some of us have to work to be pretty," I told him. I had already changed from my night clothes and I quickly threw on eyeshadow.

"Why do you all care so much about appearances?"

"We like to be noticed and scoped out by hotties," I told him, laughing.

"Why? You won't be getting a single thing from any guys. Not even a hug, understand?" he asked, stern voice.

"I know, I know." I turned around and sighed. "You're going to put clothes on, right?"

"Oh, I didn't think you would want me to," he told me, sounding sincerely baffled. I gave him a look and he sighed, pulling on a shirt. "Can we go now?"

"Of course!" I grabbed my purse and put on some converse. I was not walking in heels.


"I want to walk, if it's okay with you, of course," I told him, fixing my eyeliner one last time. He pulled me from the mirror and out of my room.

"Let's just go already!"

I had only taken an hour. No need to get all huffy!

Anyway, it only took a few minutes since the Java was just down the block. We didn't really talk at all and didn't do so until I got my coffee and he sat down with me.

"Oh, see that guy there? He's cute," I told Edwin, waving at the boy I had been talking about. What? He waved first! It was only the nice thing to do!

"Hmm, he's ugly," he told my dryly. I rolled my eyes. "He's got way too much make-up on. For crying out loud, is he wearing lip gloss?!"

"Edwin, he is not!" The guy started walking over and I sighed. Crap.

"He better not be walking over here," he told me.

"Probably just wants some conversation," I assured him.

"Hey, pretty lady." I looked up at the guy and smiled.

"It's Jade, actually," I blushed and I saw Edwin mocking me, mouthing my words. I glared at him. "Jerk!" The guy gave me a look and I laughed. "Sorry, not you, um..."

"Gage," he told me. "Well, really it's something gay, so I renamed myself."

"I'm assuming it has to do with your gauges. They're pretty hot, I must admit. But I guess I was blessed with a good name," I laughed. Edwin was glaring daggers at Gage and I have to say it made me feel pretty good about myself.

"Yeah. I like it anyway. So you here on a date or what?" He was referring to Edwin. Oh, time to play this up. Get pretty boy jealous maybe!

"Oh, this is Edwin. He's my cousin," I lied quickly.

"Jade," he warned.

"Oh, Eds, don't get your pants all tied up! Hmm, never really got that one..." I rambled, but got back on track. "He's just way too protective, you know? Personally, I think he's insane."

"Ha, well hello, Edwin. Nice to meet you."

"Whatever," Edwin muttered, looking away.

"Alright Mr. Sunshine. Calm down," I joked dryly.

"So you want to do something sometime?" Gage asked and I bit my lip.

"No," Edwin answered for me.

"Look buddy, I don't care if you're her cousin. She can live her own life."

"No, she can't." Edwin stood up and glowered down at him as I dropped my head onto the table.

He just had to make a scene, didn't he? Ugh...