Where's the Heart?

The Java Hut: Take Two

"Edwin, please don't do this," I begged as all eyes were on the spectacle the bloodsucker was making of himself. Honestly, could I not take him out in public? What had I been thinking?!

That settled it: I was definitely insane!!

Edwin responded with no words or even a glance at me. He only kept his eyes on Gage and growled lowly at him. I covered my eyes, afraid of what in the world this guy was doing. What was he thinking? I knew what I was thinking--well, other than the usual lala land stuff--and that was maybe Edwin wasn't a good person to make jealous. Just a guess, whatever, you know?

"Dude, calm down," Gage told him, trying to stop a fight before it could happen. Smart boy. There was no way he could beat Eds.

"Edwin, please," I begged once more. "You're making a scene." I stood up and carefully grabbed his arm, tugging lightly. The message I was trying to send by this was that he was strong and no one I knew could beat him so he should leave with his head held high in knowing that. He didn't receive it obviously!

"Jade, sit down." His voice was so...cold. Demanding. He shirked his arm free and I did as I was told. He glanced once at me and I froze. He looked so...dead. More vampire-like than I had ever seen him. I didn't like it at all. His eyes were glazed over and absolutely nothing about him seemed human.

"Eddy," I whispered, hurt. Why was I so saddened by it? Because the realization that we couldn't be anything came to me. He was dead; I was alive. He was of a completely different race and all I could ever be was food. That or be a... No. I didn't want to be like him. I stood firm in that: I already hated life, so why would I want to live forever?


"She's not a dog!" Gage, the idiot, told him. He had no idea, the poor soul.

"She is whatever I want her to be, Pretty Boy. And I know for certain that she is definitely not going to be one thing and that would be with you. Never would I let you lay a finger on her. I suggest you leave." Voice like stone and face just as unfeeling, Edwin was absolutely terrifying. I guess I had been on his good side all along...

That's a bit sad!

"I see no leash on her neck. Besides, every girl needs someone to complete them. No cousin like you could ever be that to her. That's just wrong, Edwin. Come now, don't be rash." He was trying to soothe a beast here! Gage, drop the lion tamer act and run for your life like a pansy!! RUN!! LIFE!! DANGER!! PANSY!!!


As I screamed these things in my head and resisted the urge to laugh at myself and say the things aloud, Edwin was only getting more ferocious.

"Join me outside, Gage. Please. And we can discuss you taking Jade out on a date."

Alright, I had to do something. Edwin was not killing the guy because of my moronic acts... Alright, my usual acts. Ow, I just hurt my own feelings!

"Fine. I'd rather discuss this outside anyway." Gage knew they weren't going to talk. That stupid boy! In this circus, he was the lion, no matter how else he wished otherwise. That pansy!

What a fun word! But no time to laugh now.

As soon as the door closed and Edwin was outside with his guest, I knew what he was going to do and I would not allow it. I ran outside and tackled Edwin to the ground before he could start anything.

"Jade, get off!" He was screaming at me. Did he really feel this strongly about killing this guy?

"Gage, go! He's psycho!"

"I'm not--"

"Go, Pansy! Run!"

Gage sighed and casually strolled away. Ha, I called him a pansy! But I guess Edwin didn't find it so funny...


Oh, boy.