Where's the Heart?

Wrong Storyline

When I came to, I had a major headache and my heart was beating wildly as I remembered all of the events as they came to me as quick as a wave. It was like a hurricane!! Try having that forced into your thoughts!

"Gage!" I realized, shooting up in my bed. Edwin better not have gone after him after I was "disposed of". Edwin wasn't in my room, so I scrambled to my feet on the floor. Not my best idea. The world went spinning all around me.

Stop this crazy ride! I want a bucket!

Let's just say my face had a nice reunion with the floor that day. That thing was a real bully and I didn't like it too much!

Feuds aside, I had to find Edwin. So after I cursed the flooring out for an appropriate amount of time, which was probably a minute or so, I ran into the kitchen. He wasn't there and I began to worry. He wasn't in the living room either.

Alright, what the heck was going on? If he didn't show up, so help me he was going to be a dead little vampire boy! I'd call up the priest down the road and tell him I have a possessed teenager over here! Call in a truckload of holy water and throw it on that son of a b--

"Hello, Edwin!" I stopped my thoughts and kind of fell backwards at his sudden appearance.

"Jade." His voice was still harsh.

"Are we okay now?"

"No. We are not. I didn't have enough fun with you. You passed out before I could really make you cry." That creepy smile found it's way on an angel's face and he turned out to be a demon! Christ compels you seriously!

"Edwin, I'm sorry. What could I have done? We won't ever see that guy again anyway!" I promised and he thought for a moment.

"You're right. Know why? You're not allowed going out. Never again. Unless--that is--no guy will come near you."

"That means?"

"I'll call up a friend and he can pose as your overprotective, bodybuilding, abusive boyfriend. Then no guy would want to come near you."

"Edwin, this is stupid!"

"No, Jade. You're stupid. And I've had it with your parading around town looking for guys when you know you can't have any."

"Aww, I can't even have you? " I complained. "I thought this was one of those stories where the vampire who kidnapped the pretty yet stubborn girl and eventually falls in love with her. Then he makes her like him and they make out and junk and have sexual intercourse a million times before deciding to get married! Damn, I fell into the wrong plot."

Edwin waited in silence for a moment after my rant was finished before flipping hair out of his face. You know, the "emo hair flip" thing. How many times had I been caught doing that?

No time to count now. Later, when the moon is high in the sky and the stars line up perfectly with Saturn!

"Are you done now?"

"I think I've made my point."

"You didn't even have one! Look, you can't go out anymore, end of story. Got it? You live to satisfy my needs and mine alone. That is your purpose in life until I don't like looking at you anymore. Then I'll just kill you like all the others."

"Harsh. I had a good run. I always hoped I would die young! Who wants to get all old anyway? Not me. Thanks, Eds." I hugged him. I was being completely serious. But that didn't last. "So when you say satisfy you...does that mean the male side of you too? I bet I'm good in bed!"

"Jade, we're talking about you dying and all you can think about is sex? Typical female teenager."

"Oh, stop with the tough man talk and take me now!" I cried. Yeah, I was completely pissed about him not letting me leave the house, but if I was going to suffer, so was he!

"Jade! Stop! I'm not going to be raped by you!" he told me. What made it funny was the way he was completely serious! So I did the normal thing.

I fell to the floor laughing.

"Can't rape the willing!" I managed to yell in the middle of gasps of air as I laughed my spleen out. How painful that felt!


This guy--as cute as he was--was going down!