Where's the Heart?

A Different Point of View

Edwin's P.O.V.

So I lied to Jade about why I was going out. Big deal. I always lied to her anyway. And I never felt bad about it either. It was better to lie than let some girl in on everything. Especially one that had this hold over me...

She tasted so divine and her scent was so unbearably amazing. But then she was always trying to seduce me. Well, she found it as some little game she played, but come on, I wasn't as virtuous as a saint. It wasn't just when she was telling me to "take her", it was every movement she made: the things she did unintentionally. Like the way she walked even. Or the way she flipped her hair and sent her scent flying into the air.

I was still a guy even if I wasn't human.

Though I hated to admit it, she was plenty attractive. But then I thought of the way some vampires used humans: pets and sex toys. No, that was sick. It was bad enough that I was keeping her around for blood. But temptation and desire were not easy to escape.

I wasn't working up an appetite; I needed some time to think. I bet if I wanted, I could have my way with her. Honestly, I was the definition of irresistible. But I wouldn't stoop to a level such as that.

I tried to tell myself that I only liked her for her blood, but I knew that wasn't just it. If that were the case, then why had I been so ready to murder that Gage guy for hitting on her? No, it had been a personal thing. All I could think of was him saying all these sweet things just to get in her pants and then break her heart in half. Then I'd do the same to his face.

I sighed. This thinking thing never worked out. How many times had I gone out to think, telling Jade I was going to kill some person and suck them dry? Too many times to count.

The only thing that made me smile anymore was knowing soon I'd be back with her. So why was she playing hard to get? Or was I taunting her? I wish I had paid more attention to her thoughts about me more recently, but my anger was always distracting me.

Jade was the most annoying and immature girl I had ever met. Yet somehow she had a hold over me. That cute look on her face when she was completely confused. The way her eyes dilated when she was so scared. The times she tried to act sexy and even sometimes succeeded, though rarely.

I was done thinking and I was ready to go back, knowing she would be waiting up for me. How nice it was to know someone was waiting for you before they did a single thing.

I chuckled lightly as I walked up the driveway. I had better hurry so she could breathe again.

But when I walked in the door it was like someone had just hit me with a rock. What was that smell? I knew the smell and with it came a flurry of rage and--oddly enough--jealousy. I snarled.

Gage. That son of a bitch needed to die. But he was in this house? Oh hell no. I wasn't completely pissed until I realized where he was--with Jade. In her bedroom. If he had tried anything.

I opened the door quickly and quietly and I was so ready to kill this guy. He had better get his disgusting mouth off of Jade's or he was going down. And he was fucking on top of her? Oh, I don't think so!

And the only thing I thought was not her. Any slut off the street, just not Jade. She's mine.

One tug on her shirt and I couldn't watch this anymore. He wasn't getting lucky tonight. Not with my Jade.

"Get the fuck off of her!" I screamed and Jade's eyes dilated as soon as she heard my voice.

Gage was dying tonight.