Where's the Heart?

Shouldn't Have Asked

Jade's P.O.V.

I stared at Edwin, terrified. He could always be so scary and I hated when he was. But I was scared for Gage. Why had I kissed him when I didn't even like him like that? I knew why: I wanted Edwin jealous. I wanted him to be jealous of any guy really. But he would never because he didn't even like me like that. So why did I do this?

Gage was ripped off of me and I couldn't think anymore. Edwin was holding him against the wall and cussing him out, using every foul word known to man--and apparently vampires, too!

Okay, that was in bad taste.

"Edwin, stop!" I cried, running to him and throwing my arms around his back. "Don't do this, please!" I was crying into his back by now. He went rigid, but didn't release Gage. "I'm sorry," I muttered through a hoarse throat.

"He is dead, Jade," Edwin told me in a whisper.

"No, Edwin, don't. It won't happen again! I promise!"

"Damn straight it won't!" Edwin turned to me and was towering over me, his death stare on me now. I didn't like it much. I couldn't come up with a single sarcastic remark to say. That wasn't normal!!!

"It won't! Just let him go! Please, I'm begging you!" I told him, tear stained eyes locked with his deadly ones. They were still so gorgeous...

"What's in it for me? Why should I let this bastard remain walking on the streets?" he asked me, his voice emotionless. I really hated when he was like this.

"Please, Ed. Please." My legs were going to give out on me, I swear. So much drama. So great my urge to faint was. But I had to make sure the idiot got out alive. Edwin sighed and turned back to Gage who I'm sure had shit himself by now. He better get out before the room starts smelling bad!

How attractive were adult diapers? Ha, not very!

"Get out of my face. And I guarantee that if you set foot near her ever again, I'll spill your blood with my own hands. And so we're clear, Gage, I'm not her cousin in the least."

"Then what are you?" Gage asked, shaky voice.

"You don't want to know," he hissed, turning his back to him and securing me next to him so I didn't fall on my face. Wouldn't that break the ominous mood? He bit down on my neck and I gave in. I went limp right there, wanting this day to be over as Gage ran in a dead sprint out of my house. I wouldn't be seeing him for awhile!

He probably went to the store to buy himself new man-panties! Hehe, see what I did? I made a joke even though I'm passed out! Oops, there I go!