Where's the Heart?

Bladder Problems

I woke up with a massive headache and a pounding heart. Also the feeling of pressure on me. Sure enough Eds was on me, nipping at my neck repeatedly. I just stared at him, not daring to move. I had tested his patience enough for one lifetime.

"Has Jade gotten smarter?" he asked me between nips. I sighed, not finding it funny.

"So are you not pissed at me or what?"

"From what I saw you were on the bottom. It's not like you were the one trying to rape him. But yes, I am very pissed. What a nice thing to come home to: a love affair."

"I'm sorry. You come home from a hard day of work to see your no good wife having an affair. Must be horrible," I commented dryly. He was mad at me. Funny how depressed that made me feel. Edwin sighed and rolled off of me.

"Look, it's two times now that the man has gone and done something I didn't much care for. Both times I let him get away with it because you whined and complained. That and you did something retarded to get my attention. Not to mention the incident where you tackled me."

"I know, but...I can't be the reason for someone being killed. You would have to kill me, too, or I'd kill myself. Guilt doesn't sit well with me," I confided, not looking at him, but at the door.

"Tell me, have you ever seen a counselor?" he asked out of the blue. I sighed.

"Not of my own free will. People didn't like me much back in school, so they tattled and said I...did some bad things to myself. Some strange coincidences I had back then," I laughed uneasily.

"Last time you did that?" he asked and I didn't much care for all of this prying.

"Edwin, this is irrelevant!" I told him, getting out of bed and walking out the door. He tackled me to the kitchen floor and I growled at him as he stared at me, frowning.

"When. Was. The. Last. Time," he demanded again. I wasn't going anywhere.

"None of your business!" I screamed, squirming.


"Middle school!"

"Don't lie to me!"

"Angels don't lie!" I told him.

"They also don't hurt themselves intentionally, Jade."

"I'm not an angel!"

"But you are a liar!" he yelled in my face. I shrunk away.

"Middle school. I stopped. My friends told me to stop, so I did."

"I heard a different story from Quinn's mind, Jade," he warned. "I heard you two thought it wasn't the best thing to do, but you didn't tell each other to stop. Just give me the truth!"

"Why do you care? It doesn't matter! We all die someday! Well, not you, but normal people like me! We're put through shit we don't want and then we're expected to be fucking happy every day and smile and shit like that! The world isn't happy sunshine!"

"Oh, so you have depression, too? God, Jade! I know the answer so just say it!"

"I have to relive my bladder!!" I told him. I started squirming again. I had to go bad!!

"A month?"

"Shorter! I have to pee!!!" I shrieked.

"A week?"


"Oh my God! Do I have to stay with you every second of every day?"

Normally, I wouldn't mind that, but my bladder was gonna explode!!

"It was like three days ago or something." He got off and I stood up.

"Okay, you can go."

"Oh, I don't have to anymore."

"That is sick!"

Ha ha, I was bluffing!!