Where's the Heart?

Unwelcomed House Guest

Some guy walked into the living room and I wanted to rip his throat out. I already hated the guy! Who was this jerk anyway? A reverse Cupid? Ugh!

"Am I interrupting?"

How awkward. How embarrassing! Edwin was using me as a bed and that had to look strange. Well, not for anyone who lived a day in my life, but for that guy, sure.

"No. But what are you doing here?" Eds asked, standing up.

He didn't even help me! The jerk just left me sprawled out on the floor like a moron. No, like a Jade! Why am I so mean to myself?

"I wondered were you went. I mean, yeah you've been gone for a few months before, but you've been gone for longer than usual. So...you've been here this whole time?" He stepped further into the room and looked around. I helped myself up, even though it was Edwin's fault. Man, he was so mean sometimes!

"Just exactly who are you?" I demanded. "And why do you think you can just barge on into my house?!" Yeah, I was throwing a fit. Kind of stupid thing to do. Honestly, if the guy knew Edwin, wouldn't that mean he'd probably be like Edwin, too?

"She's obnoxious!" he told Ed, pointing at me. I growled at him, ready to bite off his finger.

"Yeah, I know." Edwin glared at me and I gave him to cold shoulder. I could be a terrible person, too!

"So what is she? I thought you were against the whole human pet thing. You said it was disgusting."

Whoa, whoa, what now? Did he think that....That's funny! Like I would stand for that!

"No, it's nothing like that. She's the one that tries to rape me!"

"Do not!" I complained, stomping my foot.

"Jade, be a dear and shut up," he said plainly.

"Ugh! I hate you!"

Edwin rolled his eyes at me. "Sorry about that, Nathaniel. She can be hard to handle sometimes. But she does taste divine, to be frank."

"So that's it? You could've told me or something. I've been using the past few days to track you down!" Nathaniel complained.

Oh, you poor baby!

Ed and Nate both glared at me and I smiled. Oh, I'm just a little angel!

The rest of the day I was so lonely. Ed was busy chatting away with his friend and I was left alone to sit in my room. How loyal he was! But Nate left around midnight and when the door creaked open and Edwin walked in quietly. I sprung up and looked at him. He looked like he was really thinking about something. I stood up and walked to him.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked him. I watched him carefully as a smile made its way to his face. It was a nice smile, not the creepy one I hated.

What was on his mind?