Where's the Heart?

Thick Headed

I woke up in my bed, aching. But something felt strange: there was some weight on me. I opened my eyes and screamed; Edwin was freaking on top of me!

"Get off!!" I shrieked and he laughed, rolling off. He smiled at me and I gagged, seeing my blood painted on his lips yet again. I was never going to get used to the fact that I knew a vampire--and I wasn't dead.

"Why did you scream? You just taste too good and that's not my fault or anything." That may be true, but come on, why wouldn't I be screaming when I had a bloodsucking freak attached to my neck? I glared at him, but he barely noticed and he certainly didn't care at all.

"What are you even doing in my house, let alone my own room?" I demanded, angry and I didn't care if he knew it.

"I didn't think it'd be a problem. I told you: you belong to me now. That means you are my business. I decided I wanted to check on my property." He shrugged as if it were no big deal. Really, I was going to murder this doped up son of a--

"I am not yours, Edwin. And I am no one's property!" I sighed, tired of this game. It was all getting so very old.

"That's where you're wrong, sweet naive Jade." He forced me onto my feet and led me to the one mirror in my room, wrapping an arm around my waist possessively. He moved the hair from my neck and asked, "How about you take a look and see how truly wrong you actually are?" Alright, he had my attention if that's what he had been after. So to shut him up, I looked. I gaped and he laughed, letting go of me as I took it all in. I poked at the bite marks he had left on my neck obviously on purpose.

"What did you do?" I cried, not believing this. Damn him to hell! Oh wait, he already had been. Ha ha!

"I told you, for the tenth time, I made you mine and mine alone. And I'm warning you now, no one else better even touch you. For if I smell even the faintest scent on even one of your hairs, they'll have me to deal with. And that's not something anyone wants to get themselves into."

"Aww, does someone have a little crush on me?" I mocked. If he said yes may God save him from my hormonal wrath.

"Don't flatter yourself," he mumbled dryly, grimacing. "I just enjoy your blood and scent enough to let it be ruined. It's just way too enjoyable to let go, I must say."

"You better let go," I mumbled. He nipped at my neck, drawing blood to prove a point.

"No, I wouldn't plan on it." And once again my blood was on his tongue. He had better leave soon or he would regret it. I would not be putting up with this for one more day!