Where's the Heart?

My Heart is Yours

"Jade, I'm going out for a bit," Edwin told me, kissing me softly.

"Alright." Normally I would have said more, but my thoughts were elsewhere. He was in my head, yes, but not for any good reason.

"I...love you?" He knew something was up...

"Yeah, love you." I shooed him out the door and sank to the floor with my back against the wall. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself, crying.

I couldn't let this go on. Even a year had passed and I had refused to end this. It needed to end. We couldn't be anything. We had to be...

"What are we?"

Nothing. We were nothing and that's how it had to stay. How I was going to do this without crying in front of him, I didn't know. But somehow, I had to do it. This couldn't go on.

I spent the next hour in pure dread. I didn't want Edwin to come home. The longer he stayed gone, the longer we were still together. I was fearing seeing his face and hearing him walk through the door. I would miss his smile, his laugh. His voice even. I'd miss him, I knew.

But without memories, we would equal nothing. And that was what the world needed.

When the door opened I waited in my room on my bed for him to come in. My heart was pounding and I felt like I was going to be sick as soon as he walked through my bedroom door.


I brought my eyes up to him and saw a black box in his hand. His arm was limp and his eyes were on the floor rather than at me.

"I bought this, but before I tell you what it is, you need to tell me something."

"What?" I choked. Oh no, what was it?

"What are we?"

That did it. My heart broke into as the word left my lips.

"Nothing," I whispered.

"Ahh. Well, I thought so. Look, this ring, you can keep it." He held out the box and inside it was the most preciously carved engagement ring I had ever seen. I held back the tears.

"No, get your money back." I shook my head.

"Okay. I guess....This is good bye."

"It is."

"I understand. I might see you sometime, but those won't be pleasant circumstances, so I'd stay away if I were you. I might even make a meal of you," he laughed slightly and smiled nervously. "Good bye, Jade."

As soon as he was gone I let one tear fall, followed by so many others.He was gone and we were now nothing. He had my heart forever, even if it wasn't in my chest and I wasn't beside him. He held it in his hand wherever he went and he would always hold it until he threw it away.

This was better for everyone.

So he was gone now. But could I stay away from him forever? I had to somehow, even if it killed me...