Where's the Heart?

Dinner Time for Little Boys

Okay, so a week ago I had been wrong. But by now he had way overstayed his welcome. If I could push him out the door and lock it to keep him out, I would. Oh believe me I would do soooo much more than just tell him to leave.

I'd kick his ass on his way out! Screw the door getting all the fun!!

But honestly, how could you keep a vampire away from you? Throw garlic at him? Yell "Christ compels you, man-bitch!" and throw some nice holy water at him? Push him out in the sun and listen for the Poof! as he turned into a nice pile of dust? Maybe I could just get real religious and hang crosses everywhere.

No, not even that would keep Edwin away. God, I didn't know what kind of relationship we had: we hated each other yet we spend "quality time" together so much that it seemed like we were married yesterday! Ugh I was fed up with this boy. All he wanted was my life. That wasn't soooo much to ask for was it?

Ha, like hell it wasn't!!!

"Jade, I thought you'd be used to this by now," the little creep complained, sitting on my bed waiting for me when I got home. I glowered at him as I picked up the papers I had recently dropped thanks to Devil Boy. Oh that one was a keeper.

"I'm sorry! I just see a guy sitting here, waiting for me in the dark, and I should think 'Oh, it's just the lovely bloodsucker from down the street! I'm gonna hug him oodles and oodles!!!' You're funny, Edwin, real funny."

"Like I'd let you so much as even touch me," he muttered. "I'm tired of this. You know what I want and then I'll leave." He stood up, walking to me. I held up a finger.

"No! Just want kind of thing do we have going on?" I asked him, angry.

"What do you mean? We don't have anything?" He stopped in his tracks. Ha, he may as well have been speechless!

"I can't have a boyfriend, but you're not my love or anything. Why can't I friggin' date guys? It's not fair!" I whined. Come on, I was a teenage girl and let's be honest: them guys can be pretty damn sexy! Or girls, whatever you like I guess.

"You can't have a boyfriend because I don't want to have to smell him on you. That's a major turn off for me."

"You say that like it's a bad thing!" I growled, throwing my hands up in the air. Come on!!

"It is. Get used to being single, dear. You're going to be that way for a long time."

"Let me guess, until I die, or until you get tired of me?" I pondered, sarcasm laid heavily in my voice. I saw an evil smirk play across his face.

"Until you die. Believe me, I won't be getting tired of the taste. Ever."

"Just kill me already," I muttered.

"Don't tempt me, please."

"Oh, you're just hilarious," I laughed dryly.

"Yeah, I know." He stepped over and took me in his arms, taking what he wanting before leaving me alone in my house.

"He never even calls anymore," I joked to myself, crawling into bed. "Oh boy, I need some friends..." I fell into a dreamless sleep. The same as all the other times since Edwin came into my life.