Where's the Heart?

Confidence is a Coward

"Oh, Edwin!" I yelled, searching the house. Where on earth could he be? Well, obviously in my house: he hadn't gotten "fed" yet, the poooor baby boy.

"Do you have to be so terribly loud?" he asked, emerging from my room. I glared.

"What were you doing in there?" I snarled. He had no business there. That was pure mine and he wasn't taking that from me.

"Oh, does it bother you, Jade dear?" he asked, mocking me as usual. I just wanted to rip his eyes out, poor gasoline in the empty sockets, and light that S.O.B. on fire! Oh my, I really do have problems!

"Hmm, why wouldn't it? I mean, it's just my room and all. You know, the one place where I would prefer you not to be when not under my supervision!" When was I getting paid for babysitting this loon?

"I think I may be significantly older than you, child. And besides, it's my room, too."

"Since when?" I demanded, impatient. Quinn would be here soon and I didn't need to blow up on her for Edwin's doing.

"Since I learned that it bothered you, lovely," he purred, laughing way too much for my tastes.

"Oh hell no!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It seemed to just provoke him as I knew it would, but I was beyond caring really. After a month of living with Edwin--probably a thousand year old child, give or take--you learned to just give up any hope of the pest leaving you alone.

"Mhmm, that's right, Jadey. My house is rather dull and all the action seems to be here. Plus, now I can watch over you every second of the day! Won't it be fun? It'll be like a never ending sleepover!"

Oh God no. I turned on my heel and walked out, only to see Edwin.

"Hmm? Where are you off to, love?"

"Quinn's coming, which reminds me. We need to set some rules, honey," I sneered, making fun of the ridiculous way he talked. He didn't take it so lightly.

"I think I'm the one calling the shots around here, Jade," he told me, backing me to the wall. Deja vu hit me pretty hard just then. "Lest you not forget your place when compared to me. I own you, understand? Or do you need to see the little reminder in the mirror again?" he purred.

"No," I choked, feeling sick to my stomach.

"Good girl. Now, I want you to understand me when I say this: I will do what I want, when I want, in front of whoever I want. Got it, girl?"

"Yes." Ohh God I was so freaking mad at myself. I was as obedient as a puppy to him! He was not my master, but I had seen what happened when you bite the hand that feeds you. Wait a minute..I feed him, so...Oh screw it!!

"Good." The door rang. "Give it a second. Maybe you're doing the laundry."

"Or being made into a meal," I muttered, confidence slowly making its way back to me.

"Exactly, Jade. Exactly."

Voice like venom, almost as poisonous as his soul. If he had one. I just hoped that it wouldn't take him too long to finish up stealing my blood.

My prayers were answered--finally, for once in awhile--and he smiled as he backed away to let me get the door.

"I hope you remember our little chat, my dear. Believe me, I couldn't care less what she thinks because if you go against me, you will be punished. You're more delicate than I, Jade."

"I'll keep that in mind," I whispered dryly, getting the door. I hate Edwin so much!!!

"Hey, Jade!!!"

"Hey, Quinn! Where are my manners? Come on in!" Funny how fickle my moods are.