Where's the Heart?

My Roomie, the God

"Alright, so what has Jade been up to?" Quinn asked me, a big grin on her face.

"Eh, nothing much really," I shrugged.

"Everything's the same," she observed, looking around. She suddenly pulled me into a hug.

"I missed you, too," I laughed.

"Goodness, I miss high school. Life is just too real for me!" she blurted.

"I know exactly what you mean, Quinn," I told her. But I had more things to deal with, I bet.

"How touching," I heard my "roomie" remark. Quinn's eyes shot over to him and then back to me.

"Umm, so Jade, forget to tell me something?" she questioned. I was at a loss for words when I looked at the shirtless Edwin. His hair was all tousled so it looked like he had just woken up. I stuttered, unable to look away. He laughed and for once it was a pleasant sound.

"Yes, Jade dear, forget something?" His smile made me fall apart. What's wrong with me? Oh, duh, hot guy.

"Earth to Jade!! What is this guy doing here?" Quinn yelled, accusation in her voice as if she knew why he was here. I tore my eyes from the God that stood in my very own kitchen.

"He's Edwin. He lives with me," I muttered, evening out my voice.

"Really?" There was no trust in her eyes.

"Yes, I do, ladies." I froze. His breath was on my neck and I felt his cold chest pressed against my back. But I was mostly aware of his arms around me. It may have looked sweet, but it felt possessive.

"And you wanted me to come over, Jade? You have a nice man in your life and you feel the need to have me in your life, too? Why? To rub it in my face?!" I could see the tears forming before she turned and ran out the door. It made me sick to my stomach: butterflies. I hated when she cried because of me.

"Quinn, wait!" I managed to tear myself from Edwin and ran to the door just in time to see her car speed out of the driveway. How could I do that to her? My best friend?

"Edwin, how could you?" I cried. He strode up to me.

"Because you are mine, Jade." He pulled me back into his arms and I wouldn't protest against that. I couldn't.

"But you just broke her heart? Quinn's bi and...and she had this crush on me...And you made it seem like I was flaunting the fact that I was with you, not her!"

"Exactly why I did it, dear," he whispered so softly.

"Why? Why does that matter?" I knew the answer I wanted. And I knew the answer I would hear. Too bad they couldn't go together...

"You are mine. No guys--or girls, for that matter--will have anything to do with you like that."

That wasn't what I had wanted to hear so...What was happening to me?