Where's the Heart?

Just this Once

I sat on my couch, sulking silently. Quinn was gone and nearly right after the little episode, Edwin told he he was going out for awhile. And I was under strict rule to not have any friends over: especially guys, of course.

I was so lonely and bored that even the wall couldn't entertain me. But what made it worse was the one thing on my mind: how amazingly hot Edwin looked when he had been standing in my kitchen--half naked.

Lust is a bad thing, duh. I knew better, so why couldn't I get that image out of my head? I knew why: vampires are just way too unnaturally sexy. Sure, hot guys were one thing and I could ignore them for they had horrible flaws, but vampires like Edwin were beyond perfection.

"What has you thinking so much?" Edwin asked me, suddenly in the living room with me. I sighed deeply, but at least he was finally back at home with me. God, I make it sound like we were married.

"Uh, girl stuff, Edwin," I mumbled, looking at him reluctantly, afraid he'd still look like that god I had seen earlier this morning.

"Hmm, well it doesn't seem like you're having much fun sitting there all alone."

"I'm not, but oh well," I shrugged.

"You know, Jade, I've done all I need to do today so..."

"Are you offering to join me?!" I jumped to my feet.

"No. I am not doing that. I was offering you something to do," he stated sourly.

"Like?" I didn't buy this act, but then again I didn't want to accept it either.

"I could give you another vampire hickey," he joked.

"Bite me," I laughed dryly and he raised an eyebrow. "I don't want to be fed off of right now. Please." I wasn't in the mood. I was depressed because of all the thinking I had been doing.

"Okay. But just this once. Tomorrow you're veins are mine. Do you feel tired?" I nodded slowly. "Let's get you to bed." He helped me up and I passed out as soon as his cold arms held me to his chest. I never did like summer, so was it insane that I found his marble skin so eerily pleasant?

That or maybe I was just getting to attached...