Heart-Shaped Box

Meat-eating orchids, brain stew, blue angel hair... insanity is attractive, isn't it?
A Green Day fic featuring Billie Joe, Kurt Cobain, Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt, and more. Kemmy Shadows is Tre Cool's apprentice but she falls for Billie Joe while she's taking lessons from Tre. The problem is, they're ten years apart. And when Kurt Cobain (who is supposed to be dead) shows up on the scene, things get even stranger.

Funny how love and infatuation messes everything up...

  1. Shenanigans
    Well, that wasn't supposed to happen.
  2. Holiday
    Aren't you supposed to be dead? And of course everything's fine. Nothing happened...really!
  3. Basket Cases
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Enter the lonely road.
  5. Pisces Eyes and the Magnet Tar Pit Trap
    Hearts are broken into even smaller pieces.
  6. In Bloom
    Kurt and Kemmy love!
  7. Breed
    More unfortunate events.
  8. For the Moment...
    Life stabilizes.
  9. See You Again
    Green Day does a Miley Cyrus cover....wtf?
  10. Wake Up Call
    Title says it all...if you know the song.
  11. Time of Your Life
    Life is so unpredictable.... I hope you had the time of your life.