Heart-Shaped Box

Pisces Eyes and the Magnet Tar Pit Trap

The phone rang. Kemmy groaned and picked it up, still half asleep. "Hello?"

"Hey." It was Billie Joe.

"What's up?" Kemmy asked, nervous but trying to conceal it.

"I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry about this whole thing... yeah...but I also wanted to say that I miss you. I know Tre probably told you not to come over to his house anymore, and not to talk to me...but...it's killing me. It really is," Billie Joe told her bitterly.

"I wish I could say that I missed you too Billie," Kemmy replied. "But I can't..." Oh, you don't know how much I want to. I love you, so much.

There was a short silence. "Guess I'll just let you get back to whatever you were doing, then," Billie Joe muttered.

"That'd be great, thanks," Kemmy said with a sigh. "And hey...you're right, Tre did tell me not to contact you, but... if you wanted to hang out, just as friends or something, just call, okay?"

"Yeah...I'll do that," Billie Joe promised, sounding better.

After exchanging bye's, Kemmy hung up.

"What the hell? Why did I say we could hang out as friends?" Kemmy asked herself wearily. "I really am set on screwing my life up, aren't I?"


"You told him what?" Kurt asked, shocked.

"You heard me," Kemmy said dully, sipping her drink. "Stupid, right?"

"Well, it probably wasn't the best idea," admitted Kurt, "but if he does call, tell him you're busy. No problem--"

"What if I still do like him?" Kemmy asked suddenly. "What if I do want to hang out with him - as more than friends? What then?"

"You don't," Kurt answered simply.

"Auuugh," Kemmy wailed. "He's my good friend, Kurt, you don't understand, we have a huge relationship that just doesn't want to die..." She sighed. "I didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. And now my life sucks." Her head hit the bar table. "I hate this."

Kurt patted her on the back. "Well...maybe you just need to find someone new."

"Like that'll happen," Kemmy retorted darkly. "There isn't a decent guy out there who's into messed-up girls like me...uggh. I think I need some more drinks."

"I'm sure there's plenty," Kurt said unhappily. "But yeah - you're definitely not loosened up enough if you're still worrying about the whole Billie Joe thing."

- 2 hours later -

Kemmy was giggling and so was Kurt.

"Tre taught me this one," Kurt announced. "Roll, roll, roll a joint, twist it at the ends..."

They finished the song together, laughing and raised their drinks.

"You're priceless, you know that?" Kemmy remarked, laughing and taking another drink.

"Yep. Sure do. And you're adorable," said Kurt, kissing her on the forehead.

"Hahaha you're really sweet," Kemmy laughed and added, "you're really hot too."

"You think so?" Kurt grinned. "We should shag, then."

"Ohhh noo," she replied with a laugh. "I don't think that's a good idea --"

"Well let's see if I can't get you addicted," Kurt teased and kissed her, grabbing her and kissing her hard. Kemmy didn't resist; in fact, she was enjoying it very much.

"You're a....really good kisser," she breathed.


They made out for a full five minutes before having some more to drink. Kurt suggested that they go somewhere private, to which Kemmy happily agreed.

Kurt had his arm around her waist as they were leaving, and was kissing her on the neck when he bumped into Billie Joe, who was quite sober.

"Heeeey Bill-ay! Bill-ay Jooooe!" sang Kurt. "Duuude, I'm about to shag Kemmy!"

Billie Joe's face turned stony. "Since when do I give a fuck?" he snapped, pushing past him. "Go ahead. Fuck that whore. Just leave me the hell alone."

Kemmy was speechless. "I want to go home," she finally mumbled as they got in his car. "Just take me home, okay?"

Looking a little disappointed, he started the car and took her home.


"He called me a whore," Kemmy sobbed to Tre. "How could he do that? I t-thought we might still be friends b-but he called me a ...a whore!" She broke down crying.

"You really are stupid," Tre said irritably. "Things would have been so much easier if you hadn't told Billie--"

"I know, I know," moaned Kemmy. "B-but I still kinda did want to see him, and I still like him, despite everything - I'm such an idiot!" she wailed, grabbing another tissue.

"Yes. You are," agreed Tre. "This is almost the worst thing that could have happened - but it might be for the best. See, now there's no temptation..."

"You're so insensitive!" yelled Kemmy, and threw the tissue box at him. "Don't you realize how emotionally damaged I am right now?"

"I realize it," Tre muttered, rubbing the side of his head. "Did you have to throw that?"

Kemmy nodded before bursting into another wave of tears. "I'm an idiot!"

"I'll talk to Billie about this...you know, this wouldn't have been so complicated if you hadn't--"

"Blame the stupid heart," Kemmy snapped. "I'm not too happy with it either." She collapsed on the couch facedown. "What am I gonna do?"

"We could tell Mike," Tre suggested.

"No. Bad idea," came Kemmy's muffled voice from the couch.

"Tell me what?"

"Ohhhhhh ssshhh--" Kemmy sat up and frowned. "What are you doing in my home?" she asked coldly, not out of anger at Mike but at herself.

"The door was unlocked. Well, actually, I was looking for Tre, and I saw his car here and I was hoping we wouldn't have a repeat of the Billie thing..." Mike suddenly paused. "You didn't... did you?"

Tre looked at Kemmy and they both burst out laughing.

"M-me? With Tre? Bahahaha!" Kemmy laughed, wiping her tears.

"That's fucking hilarious," Tre snickered. "Did you seriously even consider that?"

Mike shrugged. "With you, Tre, I figured anything could be happening."

"Well...I guess you've noticed something's up," Tre began.

"Me and Billie Joe are officially done," Kemmy explained.

"Wait..." Mike looked confused. "You were together? I thought the kiss was a one-time thing."

"It was supposed to be--" Kemmy tried.

"But then it wasn't--" supplied Tre.

"And now everything is messed up," Kemmy finished sadly.

"I'm still confused," Mike confessed. "Can you guys just tell me what happened?"

"Long story short: me and Billie Joe kept the relationship going even after we said we were over, and I tried to end it, but didn't really, and then he saw me with Kurt and called me a whore...which I can kind of understand..." Kemmy looked heartbroken.

Mike just stared at her. "Well...at least it's over now. I don't know the exact events, but I guess it doesn't matter. We'll take care of Billie Joe, Kemmy. You just focus on your music for now. This'll all blow over in a few weeks. You'll see."

"I hope you're right," replied Kemmy wearily.


Tre's doorbell rang.

"If it's that slut Kemmy, I'm leaving," Billie Joe snapped.

"She's not a slut, Billie," Tre shot back. "She was trying to end it with you. You were the one who called her trying to get her back--"

"She said we could hang out," muttered Billie Joe.

"But did she say she wanted to date you? Nooo." Tre stuck his tongue out. "She was just trying to get over you. Don't make it harder for her than it already is."

He opened the door.

"Finally!" Cassie said brightly. "Took you long enough to answer!" She came in.

Billie Joe rolled his eyes. "Have fun shagging your new girlfriend. I'm leaving."

"You've become a real bastard recently, you know that?" Tre yelled as he left.

"He didn't strike me as a jerk," Cassie murmured thoughtfully. "Maybe he cares for Kemmy more than he realized...poor guy."

Tre looked at her incredulously. "You heard what he said and yet you still feel sorry for him? You amaze me."

Cassie giggled. "That's why you love me."

"That's right," Tre agreed before kissing her. "And you're also pretty hot...that could be part of it..."



"You two seem perfect for each other," Kemmy commented, referring to Cassie's relationship with Tre.

"What about you and Kurt? Or Billie...."

"Billie Joe doesn't want to have anything to do with me," Kemmy snapped. "There's no us. There never was, it was just one big mistake!" She sounded angry, but there were tears forming in her eyes.

Cassie hugged her. "I'm sorry, Kemmy...what happened?"

"He saw me with Kurt and called me a whore," Kemmy explained bitterly, on the verge of tears. Her voice wobbled.

"You were with Kurt?" asked Cassie.

"Yeah, I was talking to Kurt about the whole Billie Joe thing...and I had a few drinks and then we were kissing and then we were leaving and Billie Joe bumped into us, and then he called me a whore..."

"But you and Billie Joe were never together! How could he do that?" Cassie asked in fury.

"Exactly." Kemmy fell back on her bed. "I think I messed things up with Kurt too. When I said I just wanted to go home...I think he realized how much Billie's words had affected me...and that must have meant that I still liked Billie...oh, I'm such an idiot," Kemmy sobbed.

Cassie patted her on the back. "You can go explain to Kurt that it was just the fact that you were worried that it was true - you know, that you were acting whorish. But you weren't. So reassure Kurt that you like him and not Billie and everything will be fine! Right?"

"Hopefully." Kemmy sighed and closed her eyes.

"Let's call him now," suggested Cassie.

"Fine," Kemmy said dully. She dialed Kurt in a few seconds (he was on her speed-dial) and waited for him to pick up.


"Hey Kurt, it's Kemmy."

"Oh, hey. Listen, I'm sorry about--"

"You don't have to be sorry," Kemmy interrupted. "I'm the one who should be saying sorry. I was really upset by what Billie said not because it was him saying it, but I was worried that it was true... so please don't think I still care about him, because, to be honest Kurt, you're the only guy I care about now..."

"Really?" Kurt asked hopefully. "So can we have dinner again sometime?"

"Sure, and I know just the place to have it," Kemmy said with a mischevious smile.


The huge restaurant was flooded with paparazzi.

"So, Miss Shadows, who's the new man?" asked one journalist, shoving a mike in her face.

Kemmy smiled sweetly. "This is Kurt Cobain. We've been together for a while now."

The journalist looked delighted to have a real story. "The Kurt Cobain? But he's--"

"Nice to meet you," Kurt introduced himself with a handshake. The reporters, although stunned, continued taking pictures and asking questions.



"Why'd you do that?" Kurt asked, looking uncertain. "You weren't doing that to get back at Billie Joe...were you?"

Kemmy winked. "Nah, I just wanted to make it official." She gave him a peck on the lips. "Next time we go on a date, we'll be alone."

"Sounds good," Kurt said, grinning.


"I saw you on TV," Cassie informed her, smiling. "So how'd it go?"

"As planned," Kemmy responded, returning the smile. "Now I can start forgetting all about Billie Joe!"

Cassie's smile faded. "You're doing this just to forget Billie Joe?"

"Well how else am I going to? I'm bound to fall for Kurt eventually, it's just gonna take time," Kemmy tried to explain. "I'm not doing this to get back at Billie...I'm doing it for me, and Kurt too!"

Cassie shook her head. "I can't believe you still have Billie Joe in your head..."

"Me either," muttered Kemmy. "But hey, how long can I keep caring about him when I have a guy that's twice as hot, actually has a great personality, and likes me for more than sex!"

"You two should have sex," Cassie advised with a naughty look. "That'll make you forget Billie Joe for sure."

"I just might do that," Kemmy replied thoughtfully.
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See, this is why feelings are stupid, right? Makes for a more interesting plot, though.